XBox One Emulator For Windows 8/8.1/10 [100% Working Setup]

Emulators are available for almost all the video game consoles these days and they are getting better day by day. Emulators let us play video games in our mobile phones and computers which are only available to play in the original consoles. We have also discussed ps3 emulator, snes emulator, and Wii emulator earlier. But today we are going to know about Xbox One Emulator. We will know the whole process of emulation and I will also show you how to play games by using ROMs. First of all, let’s know something about a world popular gaming console which we are going to emulate today.

What is XBox One?

XBox One is a legendary gaming console developed by Microsoft. It is an eighth-generation home gaming console and it was announced in 2013. It is a strong competitor to Wii U and Switch. It was introduced to us after XBox 360 and Microsoft did a beautiful job by increasing its capabilities. It consists of AMD APU. Its controllers are were also redesigned from Xbox 360 and were capable of giving haptic feedback. This gaming console comes with 1TB Memory, XBox One operating system. Its manufacturer is Flextronics, Foxconn and it is available on most of the famous e-commerce websites. It has a glowing XBox logo which makes it more attractive and Genuine. The original console has Kinect Sensor which allow motion tracking in XBox. This console play games from DLNS server and USB storage devices. With console can be connected to Television also with the help of HDMI. It has two special editions for XBox one S and XBox one X which are more configured than this.

XBox One Emulator For Windows

xbox one emulator featured image
So after knowing all these amazing things about this console, we should start the emulation process of XBox one emulator. Literally, there are lots of emulators available these days which promises to emulate XBox one game into our PC. I have searched a lot for the best one and I found one emulator which is good and easy to use in most of the systems with minimum configurations. The emulator which is most versatile and most preferred is Xeon. Let’s know somethings about Xeon Emulator.

Xeon Emulator

This emulator is an emulator especially for XBox one, it is under development but it will allow us to run most of the commercial Halo games on our PC. And the performance of emulator directly depends upon the configurations of your PC. A weak system will not be able to run the game as efficiently as a powerful system can. This emulator can run Halo Games only in it. These are some minimum system requirements for XBox one emulator (Xeon Emulator) which are given below. If you have higher configurations then its also very fine.

System Requirements For Xeon Emulator

Operating SystemWindows XP or higher
Graphics CardLatest DirectX
ProcessorPentium 4 or higher
RAM1 GB Minimum
Video CardRadeon 9200 or GeForce FX or higher

Features of Xeon Emulator

  1. It is small in size and easy to install in any system. This emulator can’t run all the Xbox one games but some of the games can run.
  2. This emulator is free to use and fully open source to use.
  3. This emulator supports configuration of audio, graphics, and controllers according to our choice. You can customize all these settings in the emulator very easily.
  4. You can easily customize the control buttons in its Options button inside configure input option. This option allows you to play games with your keyboard as you want to play.
  5. Xeon Emulator boots the downloaded ROM within a second. Its processing time is very less and it would not create any glitch in the game if you have a sufficient system.

How to Play XBox One Games in our PC with XBox One emulator

The complete process is very simple and it is easy to do too. You have to follow these simple steps and you will be able to run most of the games on your pc. There are lots of other emulators available on the internet, I will also give you the links to them. You can also try them but first of all, let us know the emulation process with the help of Xeon Emulator.

  1. First of all, Click on the link below and you will be redirected to the download page of Xeon. Click on Xeon 1.0 and the download will start automatically. (as shown in the screenshot)

get xbox one emulator2. You will get a zipped file, you have to extract it into your system. You can use WinRAR tool for extraction, and after it extracts open the folder that is created after the extract (do same as shown in the screenshot)

extract xeon into your system

3. Now you will get another folder in which there will be an application named Xeon, open it.

open xeon

4. Your emulator will automatically be launched and now it is ready to use.

xbox one emulator launched


It was the complete setup process of XBox One emulator. I know this will be very simple for you. But now there will be a question in your mind that how to run games into this emulator. I will suggest you this method also below. So by using this method, you will be able to load most of the halo games into this emulator.

How to load games into Xeon Emulator

Behalf of our last step above, Now your emulator has been started and you want some files to run into it. These files are called ROMs and these game ROMs are available on the various websites officially. By clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to a page from where you can get ROM into your system. and then you can load it on your emulator.

  1. First of all, after going to this website, download the game into your system, it will also come in a compressed form. You have to extract it also as you did earlier.

compressed form

2. After extracting, you will get a file in xbe format.

xbe files

3. Now click on File>Load XBE into Xeon Emulator.

Load XBE into Xeon Emulator

4. Now select the extracted file and the emulation will start automatically.

Xeon launched


This was the whole process of running games into Xeon Emulator. And this process is very simple and easy to do as well. You can try different games into this XBox one emulator. Although it will not support all the games you can try to do it once. I hope you will be aware now that how you can play XBox one games with the help of an emulator. Now I will give you some additional information about other emulators.

Xeon Alternates

There are lots of other XBox one emulator. You can use them too on your pc for the purpose of emulation or research. Let’s have a look at other emulators same as Xeon. These emulators are also very good and preferred. But these have some limitations that is why we are not considering them so much.

CXBX Emulator

This emulator is widely used very popularly, but it requires a powerful system to run. So if anyone who doesn’t have a highly configured system can’t use this emulator. Then I prefer him to use Xeon Emulator. You can play only one game into it and the game is Turok Evolution. If you love this game then you can go for this emulator, otherwise, it will remain a waste for you.

Xenia Emulator

This is an open source program available only for research and study purposes. But it is able to run 50+ XBox game. You can try this one also.

DXBX Emulator

This emulator is also a good option to play games in our systems. It is written in Delphi language and capable to run few games into it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is emulator illegal to use?

Answer: Using emulator is not an illegal work actually, but using unauthorized or cracked ROM is. You should use owned or open source game ROMs while playing games in emulators.

Question: Can we run all XBox one games in these emulators?

Answer: Every emulator has its own capabilities and they can’t run all the games in them. If we talk about Xeon emulator, it can only play Halo commercial games.

Question: What if I don’t have the minimum required specifications in my system?

Answer: Everything depends upon our system, it can’t be clearly told that the emulator will work or not in a below-configured system. But if you are in this situation, you should give it a try.

Question: Is there any Xbox one emulator for android?

Answer: Yes, there are lots of emulators which are available for Android operating systems also.

Final Words

So, it was all the stuff about XBox one emulator and its gameplay. You can do all this process by yourself by following these steps. I have tried to explain all this as hard as I can. And I am sure you will now be able to run these games on your pc. But if you have any other problem regarding this process or this post. Please feel free to put any question or query. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedbacks. Share this post with your family and friends. Stay tuned for more updates and information like this.

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