Is Virtual Reality a Technology of Future?

Technology has throttled its speed of improvement these days in every field of work. Everyone wants to feel and watch things more perfectly. We used to watch visual elements on flat screens in earlier times. Then after that, we step towards 3d video imaging systems, and now we have virtual reality with us. This technology will be known to everyone these days. We just start imaging in our mind about a rectangular box on our eyes after hearing this word. Yes, that is a fine justification of Virtual Reality. But, in this article, I will share my views on VR technology that how this technology really have that power to change the working culture of the world and what are its limitations.

What is Virtual Reality and What is its History?

This term comprises of two words, Virtual means anything which is visually identified to us but doesn’t exist really, and Reality means anything real. So. if we combine the both, a definition will arise that, Virtual Reality is the reality which does not really occur but our mind is experiencing it anyway.

virtual reality
This idea of virtual reality was developed very much time ago. But its exact origin is still not justified by anyone. There are many disputes that it was originated before the 1950s. But its manufacturing and distribution start by 1970 when it was provided only to medical and military training purposes. After that lots of advancements happen between that period and these days. Its revolutionary part began after 2015. Many companies like Google, Facebook, Sony created their specific VR teams to enhance this technology and start providing services in VR. And now, there are many advance VR headsets available in the market which are suitable for video playing, gaming, simulation and many other purposes.

How is VR technology giving its contribution today to us?

There are lots of applications of VR technology. We generally experience VR effects with the help of VR headsets. And our eyes experience things same as reality. So, giving real-time experiences and environment to our mind becomes easy.
1. Military Training Purposes
Virtual Reality has its big application in military training. Rather than sending peoples to real environment for training, we can use VR and train them by sitting still in a room. Many types of trainings are being given to soldiers with the help of VR headsets.
Secondly, we can use these headsets to play games. Its a big fun playing games into VR headsets. PlayStation, HTC vive and much other gaming VR headset are some of the worth one time playing VR headsets. There are lots of top VR games available on the internet which can be purchased and played into them.
3. Driving and Space Emulation
This technology is also being used to give training to astronauts and to training people driving vehicles. This process is little complicated to be done, but its literally effective. Any person can learn driving easily with the help of Virtual Reality. Space training, flight simulators are also using this technology for the training purposes.

Limitations of Virtual Reality:

There is no limitation with the Virtual Reality. It works perfectly for the work it was designed for. This technology has made many differences in the earlier times and now. But there are some health effects of using VR headsets, which should be described to everyone.

1. Health Effects of using VR
VR headsets are comfortable to use for a short period of time. But if you want to use this for a full day or even for some hours continuously then it can create a problem for you. It has some effects on our eyes and brain. It can cause a headache, discomfort, drowsiness and many other health disorders. So, it is strongly recommended to not use VR headset for long periods of time.

2. Cost
Cost of advanced VR headset is too high. These are available on e-commerce website at big prices. A normal person will think twice before purchasing them.

Final Words:
If we talk about the existence of VR in our future, they are going to be more advanced. Its applications are also going to be increased. According to a survey by Perkins Coie LLP, 39% of the total peoples are interested to use VR technology for gaming purposes. So, Clearly, we can say that Virtual Reality has its wide scope in the gaming industry in future at least.

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