Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7/8/10 (Editor’s Choice)

We generally use photos and videos editing software in our daily life. These software allow us to do changes and modifications in the original photos or videos. There are lots of video editing software available on the internet. But some of them are good and some are not. So today I will give you a list of top best video editing software. These software are fully tested and reviewed by the users. These software can be easily downloaded from the link which I am giving you with the software. Video editing requires a lot of patience and time. But these software are designed in such a way that you can easily edit the software with live reviews. Video editing software also requires a good processor to work fine.

Best Video Editing Software for Windows XP/7/8/10

logo video editing software

I will share all the system requirements with you for each software. Because rendering of videos after editing requires a powerful system. So, any software, which you think good for you, you can download from here from its official website. Some of the software gives you access to edit the videos without any subscriptions but some requires paid subscriptions too. So, you have to pay that amount for sure, otherwise, a software logo can be shown in the video. Choosing best video editing software can be a big question for any pc user. No Problem! I am here for you with a list of Top Video Editing Software these days. Let’s have a look at this list.

  • After Effects

    The first software on our list is After Effects. This software has some mind-blowing editing methods which can amaze you. You can purchase it from its official website or you can get its trial version from here. There are lots of plugins and tools available in after effects software. But first of all, you have to learn all them to use.

After effects logo (video editing software)

After effects logo

You can create visual graphics, add audios to the videos, add logos, Change transitions, and you can do lots of more functions with the help of this software. There are four types of plans available at the time of purchase of this software. You can select anyone you want and start editing. Creative cloud service also comes with the subscription which opens many other doors to creativity. This software is referred by the professionals but it has some system requirements which are essential in your system. So let’s have a look at the requirements.

System Requirements for After Effects

Operating SystemWindows 7 And above
RAM4GB Minimum
Hard Disc Space3GB
Display Size1280 x 900
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II; 64-bit.
So, if your system has these minimum system configurations then click on the button below and it will take you to the homepage of Adobe and there you can get this software.
  • WonderShare Filmora

    This is another profession video editing software. And it is widely used in all over the world to edit the video fast and easily. Its user interface is very simple and you can add any effect or transition to the videos very easily. This software requires a paid subscription for the video editing without watermark. It also has its own community wondershare.io where you can connect with other video editors.

Wondershare Filmora logo

Wondershare Filmora logo

This software can easily create or edit the videos in any format you want. But its rendering depends on how powerful your system is. This software is capable of editing small size videos very well. It has a wide range of special features. Filmora is referred to use by most of the video editors because it is simple to use. This software also has some system requirements which are a mandate in your system and these are given below.

System Requirements for WonderShare Filmora

Operating SystemWindows XP or above Version
RAM512 MB or above
Hard Disc SpaceNone
Video CardNone
Processor1GHz or above Intel or AMD processor

If you are having these configurations in your system then download this software and start editing with wondershare filmora.

Corel Video Studio:

Corel supports 4K and VR video editing. It has two versions Video Studio Pro and Video Studio Ultimate 2018. We will talk about video studio pro today. This software is capable of editing 360-degree videos and this is its unique feature. You can download its trial version. Or there is a paid subscription for this software of 54.99$.

corel video studio

corel video studio

This software has many unique features with an easy and simple user interface. This is an award-winning software and recommended to use by most of the video editors. Lens correction tool of this software makes it more recognized in the video editing industry. It also gives smooth and fast rendering as compared to other video editing software. It also has high-quality audio tools by which adding good voice clips in our videos becomes easy and effective. You can also share your created videos with your friends and family by popular social networks. This software has some system requirements also which are essential to be in your system. So let’s have a look at them.

System Requirements for Corel Video Studio

Operating SystemWindows XP or above Version (32-bit or 64-bit)
RAM3GB or above
Hard Disc Space3GB
Video CardNone
ProcessorMulticore processor required
If you have these configurations in your system, then hit the button below and start editing with Corel video studio.
  • Pinnacle Studio:

    This is a famous video editing software plus a screen recorder also. There are three versions of this software 21.5, 21.5 plus and 21.5 ultimate. Pinnacle studio is used by most of the professional video editors. 3d and VR video editing are also available in this software. Painting effects are also there. And you can also use Motion Tracking system in this and multicam editing is also supported.

pinnacle studio logo (video editing software)

pinnacle studio logo

Lots of formats are supported in the video output. You can create HD videos also here and share them on the famous social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube etc. There are more than 2000 effects available in the library of Pinnacle Studio. Digital Audio in this software is one of the most useful features because audio is an important part of any video. There are some system requirements for this software which are given below.

System Requirements for Pinnacle Studio:

Operating SystemWindows 7 and above (64-bit required)
RAM2GB or above
Hard Disc Space8GB
Video CardDirect X 9 or higher
ProcessorMulticore processor required
If your system has these configurations then press the button below and start editing Pinnacle studio.

  • Lightworks:

    Lightworks is another famous video editing software. This complete editing package comes with lots of functions and features which allow us to edit the video professionally. This software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The big thing is that this software is fully free to use. This software was released in 2017 and it has both the versions 32-bits and 64-bits.



The tools available in this software gives you full access to professional editing. Lightworks software has a simple and easy user interface. You can purchase a license in which you will get additional FX and other unique features. The output can be generated in lots of formats like mp4, HD, SD, and 4K etc. Lots of effects are offered by this software which is not in the other competitors. Requirements for this system are a little bit higher.

System Requirements for Lightworks

Operating SystemWindows Vista and above
RAM3GB or above
Hard Disc Space200MB
Video CardDirect X 9 or higher
ProcessorIntel i7 processor or AMD chipset.
If you are having these configurations, then you can use this software and start editing.


  • Windows Movie Maker:

This is one of the basic video editing software offered by Windows itself. This software is fully free to use and it has 30+ transition effects in its library. You can use this software for HD and Full HD video editing also. You can add background music to the videos also. You can trim, fade or attach multiple videos in a single click. This software is very simple to use.

windows movie maker video editing software

windows movie maker

But it does not have any advance editing methods like the earlier one. You can create an output in mp4, HD or some other extensions. You can also add captions to the videos also. You can quickly resume the paused editing where you left. This software is fully free to use without any paid subscriptions. You can preview the created video before saving it.

System Requirements for Windows Movie Maker

Operating SystemWindows XP and above versions
RAM256 MB or above
Hard Disc Space2GB
Video CardDirectX 12 API
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4 or above

If you have these configurations then download the movie maker and start editing.

Final Words:
This list of video editing software is latest and all the software is fully tested and they are safe to use. The software which are listed above are available on their official sites. There are lots of other software which are good also. You can try them also but these are mostly preferred to use. I have searched a lot to get this list and tested all. They are just amazing. These all are professional software and useful for the peoples who want to create new things and graphics. Some software are paid as we discussed earlier, but after the purchase, you will definitely feel the difference between the free and subscribed ones. So if you are having any questions regarding this post, please let me know. I will feel very happy to get your feedbacks. Please share this post with your friends and family if you find it helpful.

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