Top VR Games [Best Games to play in Virtual Reality Headset]

Virtual Reality is the technology of future and it is getting developed day by day. Many virtual reality boxes are available these days in the market and they promise us to provide best virtual reality experience. In the earlier times, we used to see videos simply on the screens. And if we wanted to see 3d videos or movies, we had to go to the theatres. But now we are not only capable to watch 3d view but we can now see 360 degree view of the videos. There is a vast area of entertainment in vr technology and they are very good to play games as well. So, today all we are going to cover is about top vr games. We will know that which are the best games to play in vr headsets. And we will also know that which vr is most suitable with which game. Because of having many types of vr these days, so they offer different type of controls and visuals, so the game also must be up to the mark to the specific vr headset. First of all we will know about the Virtual Reality.

Top VR Games to play in Virtual Reality Headset

top vr games

What is Virtual Reality?
As its name suggests itself it is something that is similiar to reality but it can be feeled of sensed virtually. Means it is a device which creates an environment against our eyes which feels like real world. Literally, this is a simple but interesting and big concept. By using this technology, many things are possible. We can emulate any thing, we can research on something, or we can feel anything like games, scenes or videos. To feel the virtual reality, we uses devices which are known as VR headsets. These are like closed goggles which are covered with a rectangular box and something is going within them which we are seeing.

Some of the vr headsets are played with the help of mobile phone and some comes with inbuilt displays. Many of the big industries are producing vr headsets like samsung, apple, oculus etc. Earlier this technology was used in defense systems too to emulate the real world graphics and they were used for the training purposes. This technology got a huge develpement perk in some years back. Now, many types of controllers and remotes are there to enjoy games into vr handsets. Playing games can be a best experience in the vr headsets. That is why today we will discuss about top vr games to play these days.

  • Minecraft VR

    Minecraft vr is the first game in our list of top vr games. Minecraft is very popular game for android device but now they are making their big hands into virtual reality. This game is now available to play into vr headsets. This game works very well in vr because its concept is very simple and vr makes it more enjoyful. Minecraft VR game is available for three vr headsets.

minecraft vr(top vr games)

Supported headsets for Minecraft VR:
Oculus Rift
Windows Mixed Reality
Samsung Gear VR

So if we talk about Minecraft on oculus, they have released a trailer also on their official website and it is pretty amazing. Everything is created with the help of bricks and looking so well to play. You can play as multiplayer in this game also. We can play this game in vr by connecting external gaming controllers to it like dualshock 3, 4 etc. Minecraft game is available to play now on mentioned vr and it is available on the official website of minecraft also. This game has maintained its original culture but added 360 degree gaming effect to enjoy in vr. This game is worth playing in vr once.

  • Arizona Sunshine

    It is the second game in our list of Top VR games. This is the game all about zombie hunting and gun shooting. Arizona Sunshine game is available now for many virtual reality platforms. This game is a full action loaded game with high quality graphics and fine game controls. In this game, you have to go inside a zombie apocalypse and defend yourself from hungry zombies. Its trailer and full game is available on the official website of arizona sunshine .

arizona sunshine


Supported headsets for Arizona Sunshine:
Playstation VR
Steam VR
Oculus Rift

In its horde mode, you can also play as multiplayer upto 4 players. There are lots of different weapons and firing guns. Developer and Publisher of this game is Vertigo Games. Its supported controller is oculus touch and it gives amazing gameplay by real time game simulation technology. No internet connection is required after booting this game into vr headset. This games is available in multiple languages. A big disaster environment has been created by the developers in this game. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy Arizonea Sunshine game in Virtual Reality.

  • Skyrim VR

This is an action game which is now launched for vr headsets also. This game was available earlier for pc. Skyrim VR games is easily available on websites of respective vr headsets. Skyrim was released initially for vr in 2017. It was available earlier for ps3, xbox and some other gaming consoles. This game includes fights with dragons and other dangerous villains. You can enjoy this game with the help of controllers and remotes also. Skyrim VR is not originally designed for vr but the designers did a wonderful job by letting the game playable in vr and it is quite impressive.

skyrim vr (top vr games)

Supported headsets for Skyrim VR:
1. Windows VR
2. Oculus Rift
3. HTC Vive

This games is newcomer in vr technology and it is good to play without vr too. The action in this game has been increased after its launch in vr. But you have to try it once. You can check all the informations about this games by going to official website of playstation also.

  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew

    This game is also in our list of top vr games because it was nominate for game critics award and gamescom award 2016 for best vr game. It didn’t won in this race. This game was developed by Red Storm Entertainment and its publisher is Ubisoft. It was released on 2017. You can play this game as single or multiplayer gaming mode. Star Trek game has its wonderful gaming environment maximum in the space.

star trek bridge crew
Supported headsets for Star Trek: Bridge Crew:
1. PlayStation VR
2. Oculus Rift
3. HTC Vive

This game is available now to play on the above mentioned vr headsets. In this game you can play with your friend and you have to command the space ship. You have to fight with the enemies and letting them lose. You have to lead all the crew along with your ship and you can control the game with the controllers too. This game is very amazing to play in vr because the feeling of space in the vr is bit different than other games. It is an action game and have lots of positive ratings and reviews from the user who are playing it. That is why it can be considered as one of the top vr games. So, you should also try this once in your vr headset.

  • Robo Recall VR

    This is one of the best vr games present these days. It is a Single player first person shooting game in which robots got defected and getting out of control. You have to take command on your weapons and kill whoever comes to your way. This game can be controlled with the help of joysticks and gaming controllers. Robo recall was previously available for windows and it is published by epic games. But it was released also for oculus rift in 2017.

robo recall

Supported headsets for Robo Recall VR:
1. Oculus Rift
2. HTC Vive

You can play this Game on the above mentioned vr headsets. This games is good to play in oculus rift and they have fully mentioned all the details and features of this games on their official website. Robo recall game can be easily loaded into HTC vive after downloading and it can be played in offline mode too. In this game, there are lots of defective robots coming towards you and you have to kill them. They will be shooting at you too but you have to escape from them.

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Final Words:
This was a little list of top vr games and these are the best and highly rated games. There are lots of other games avialable too, which are suitable for vr headsets. You can also try them. But if you own a vr then you should try these games once into your headset. These games will give you lots of action and enjoyment. I have searched a lot to get a best list for you. But if you are having any query or question regarding this post then please feel free to give your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more and share this post with your family and friends.

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