What is Spotify Web Player? Is It worth Using or Not?

Every Music lover knows about Spotify and why don’t. It is a premium plus free service being provided to the users using devices on Windows, MacOS, Linux and many other Operating Systems. Spotify was launched in 2008 and its head office is located in Stockholm in Sweden. It is available in most of the countries. It comes with three types of plans Spotify Free, Spotify Premium, Spotify Family.

You can also check its all description on its official website In the Free plan we get some ordinary benefits from it, but in the paid plans, users are able to use some additional services like listen offline, Spotify connect etc. In the earlier times, you must have the Spotify application in your system or mobile to access its services. But now Spotify has launched its web application called Spotify Web Player which we are going to discuss in this article.

What is Spotify Web Player?

spotify web player

spotify web player

We generally use or we must have heard about the web players. These are the web application which plays music in your browser and you can continue your work in other tabs, while one of your browser tabs is working as a music player. Most common web music players we use are Pandora, google play music, Mixcloud etc. And they are really awesome. But what if I tell Spotify is also available now as a web player. This could be very amazing because Spotify provides a huge collection of songs, albums, and artists.

You can now be able to enjoy all this stuff without downloading that bulky application from Spotify. Now, you just have to open up your browser and start playing the music you want to listen. You can run this web player on any device and in any browser. This web player allows users to create playlists, Search for the artists, music, albums and lots of other things. This web application does not require any additional permissions to run. This was the overview of Spotify Web Player. Now first of all, we will know  the pros of using Spotify web application.

Why use Spotify Web Player?

why spotify web player

So, the answer is given below. There are some features of this web player you should know about. You will definitely love them.
1. Search for your favorite Contents

There is a separate search option given in the Spotify web application which allows its users to find out their favorite songs, artists, albums easily.search icon

You can type here any genre, album name or song name. You will get the matching results. Click on the item and it will start playing automatically.

2. HotKeys from Spotify
You can control the music player with the help of Hotkey. With the click combination of some buttons, you can easily play music, change the songs and do many other things.



Maximum of the music players supports hot keys. The popular hotkey combination is given below.

To Play or Pause The Track: Alt + Shift + P
Next Track: Alt + Shift + dot(.)
Previous Track: Alt + Shift + Comma(,)

Play/Pause: Ctrl + Alt + P
Next Track: Ctrl + Alt + dot(.)
Previous Track: Ctrl + Alt + Comma(,)

3. Play via Widgets

You can create widgets in your website for your users to listen. In this way, you will not have to wait for the application. You can easily create a widget in your website and your users will start listening to the music directly in their browser.

4. Fast and Simple User Interface
If we look at Spotify device applications, they are little bit depending on your device capabilities. If you having a weak device or system, you can experience bad things about Spotify applications.simple user interface

But if you use this web player, it is very fast and simple to use

Why don’t use Spotify Web Player?

why dont spotify web player

There are some negative sides of Spotify web player which should be known to everyone. Spotify is trying to provide some new things to the users but this web player is lagging in some terms. You will definitely experience them when you use them. Let’s talk about negative sides of this web player.

1. Poor Sound Quality:
You would not like to hear that Spotify is giving the maximum audio quality of 160kbps to the ordinary users. Means, you are going to have a fuzzy sound all the time you are using this web player.

poor sound quality

You can expect for 320kbps quality if you are a premium user of Spotify. And they are telling it “extreme quality”

2. Don’t think about offline Mode:
No offline music mode is being provided in this web player. Therefore, You can only hear your tracks till the time you are online on the internet.

offline mode not available

There is an option of offline mode in the mobile apps but we are not getting this on the web player.

3. Portability:
You always have to turn your browser and the tab “on”. If you turn the tab off or your browser shuts down, then the music will also be gone.


So, portability can be a big thing for any product which is being underestimated in any web player. Due to this most of the users prefer to use applications instead of web players

4. Availability:
Spotify is a big name in the music industry but unfortunately, it is not available in many regions and countries. According to Spotify “Where is Spotify available“.

spotify availability

You can check whether it is launched in your country or not. If your country name is not on this list, you can’t use it anyhow.

How to Run Spotify Web Player?
To run it in your browser. You can search in google for the term “Spotify web player” or you can just click on the button below. It will directly take you to the web player if it is available in your country.

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Final Words:
This was all about my observations about Spotify Web Player. And I think you will find out the same thing things while using it. According to me,it seems like, the people who are looking for a cool and portable web player, don’t use this web player. But if you are a regular internet surfer who spent their most time with their pc, you should give it a try. That’s all. Stay tuned for more

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