Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC (Full Setup Guide)

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) will be commonly known name for every gamer,So today we will know that which is the best SNES Emulator for Windows PC.The Nintendo Company Limited is a Japanese consumer electronics and video game company.Nintendo is known for its most popular games like Super Mario and Pokemon etc.But there are many more innovations and games that are created by Nintendo.The SNES or it also known as Super NES is a 16-bit home video game console which was release globally and get a huge popularity all over the world. So If you don’t want to purchase SNES console then you can emulate its games in your system.The SNES games can be played without the gaming consoles in our Windows systems with the help of emulators. So Today we will talk about Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC.

SNES Emulator

SNES Emulator

SNES Emulators can be used in nearly in all the systems with Linux, DOS, Windows, Mac OS. So this post will surely help you to find get best SNES Emulator For Windows PC. To play SNES Emulator games in your system, many types of emulators are used, but we have find and test alot to get best SNES Emulator For Windows PC for you. There are lots of Emulators to emulate SNES games into your pc but by my experience, you should try Snes9x Emulator. So lets start with Snes9x Emulator, its system requirements and then we will learn step by step that how can you play SNES games in your system with Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC.

Snes9x Emulator

Snes9x Emulator is a light weight and free emulator software and can be easily run in Windows,MAC,Linux,DOS etc. Its first stable release happened in 2017. There are many more SNES Emulators relaeased but Snes9x Emulator is latest and Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC. It is written in C++ assemble language. Since it can run in maximum Operating System with minimum requirement, so i suggest you to use Snes9x Emulator to emulate SNES games in your system.Snes9x Emulator is a licensed emulator software for personal usage so there will be no problem of subscription or anything like this. That,s why today’s post is all about Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC which is Snes9x Emulator by my experience.So the main system requirements for Snex9x Emulator and process of use is given below.

System Requirements for Snex9x Emulator:

Since there are no high configuration system requirements for Snex9x Emulator you can easily run it in your system. But some of the basic requirements for Snex9x Emulator are given below:

1. Operating System- Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2K, XP
2. Graphics Card- DirectX 6 and OpenGL
3. RAM- Any RAM size above than 32MB

Features of Snes9x Emulator:

1. Snex9x Emulator is easily downloadable from internet.
2. Snes9x is lightweight and applicable on Windows,DOS,Linux etc.
3. Snes9x produces stereo sounds.
4. You can take screen shots of your game play any time.
5. Yo can play any game in your system anytime by downloading and opening the ROM files of your desired games from internet.
6. You can use mouse pad or joypad option in the gameplay
7. It is having Netplay option so that you can play online games with player globally.

Steps to play SNES games with Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC:

Playing SNES games with Snex9x Emulator is as easy as playing normal games in your system. With the help of Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC, it becomes more easy to play games easily in your device. There are some steps involved in this process that will surely help you to play SNES games in your PC. Getting Best SNES Emulator For Windows PC for you is our main concern so we will only learn about that what are the main steps to complete this process easily. So all the steps are given below:

1. Open the browser and download Snex9x in your system by clicking

Download Snes9x

Download Snes9x

2. You will get a compressed file after downloading, you have to extract that file (you can use winrar software) in a separate folder . After extracting, you will remain with your snex9x software and some other file in that folder.

SNES Emulator

SNES Emulator

3. Now you need ROM of your desired game. You can download game ROMs by clicking here

4. There are many games to play in Snes9x Emulator. But i will show you how to play Alladin game in Snes9x emulator.So search for the game and click on the download link.

Download Game ROMs

Download Game ROMs

5. Move that downloaded ROM into that earlier created folder and extact it too there.

SNES Emulator

SNES Emulator

6. Now launch the software.

Snes9x Emulator

Snes9x Emulator

7. Click on File>Load Game.

Snes9x Emulator

Snes9x Emulator

8. Select the extracted Game file.

8. Game will automatically load after selecting the game ROM file.

Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC

Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC

9. You can go full screen and enjoy the game play.

Best SNES Emulator

Best SNES Emulator

These are all the steps to play Games in Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC. You can try it by yourself. I tried to explain as much as possible. So now it will be easy to understand now for you. You can try much more game ROMs in this way. You just have to download the Game ROMs then extract them and the open in Snex9x Emulator.
Many best games like Super Mario,Pokemon,Alladin can be played in Snex9x Emulator.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Snes9x Emulator is Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC?

Since I tried many Emulator by myself and played many games in it but playing in Snes9x Emulator is the best experience in a PC. It is Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC because it is an advance looking, high performance emulator present in these days. So choosing Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC will help you getting a best gaming experience.

What is the need of Emulators?

Emulators are used widely to configure and play games without any consoles of play stations in your PC. So helping you to find out the Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC will be a best experience to me

Can we use Snes9x commercially?

No the Snes9x is licensed only for personal use, you can’t us Snex9x for commercial or business purpose

Can we configure external gaming controllers in Snes9x Emulator?

Yes, You can.

Some Neighbour Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC

RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is also in a list of Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC. It is having many advantages and disadvantages over Snes9x emulator. It is having live game rewind feature. Netplay feature in RetroArch Emulator also exist for online gaming. RetroArch is good in some sides. But it still gets overtaken by other emulators like snes9x, zsnes etc because of its complicated user interface and mysterious installation process. So choosing Snex9x emulator as Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC can be a better choice for any gamer.

Dolphin Emulator

I recently posted an article on Dolphin Emulator. It is also a very known and smooth emulator to play specially wii games in windows and android systems too. You can get a full guide to play wii games in dolphin emulator by clicking here


Getting all the information to you is a big achievement for me. I tried from deep of my heart to help you in finding Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC. You will be able to emulate SNES games easily in your system now. But if you are having any type of query of advice about Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC then please feel free to give any suggestions or feedback about this. Stay connected to get more posts and information like this.

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  1. Do you know any emulators that work on win10? Your info was super easy to use just dident work for me.

    • Whoops. Never mind I went to there site and found the right one.Cool. I think this will work.Now I just gahta program my joy to key thing.Thanks again!!

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