Best Sega Genesis Emulator for Windows PC [100% working Setup]

You must have heard about Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox as big gaming console manufacturers. But Did you know about Sega? Some people must have listened about it. It is a Japanese Gaming Company which is popular for its many games and products. Who can forget Sonic the hedgehog if 90’s. It is also build by Sega. But the topic on which we are going to discuss is about Sega Genesis and its emulation in pc with the help of emulator software. Sega Genesis is a world popular gaming console introduced by Sega. It is also know as Mega Drive in some regions. Today we are going to know about Sega Genesis emulator and its full setup process.

sega genesis console

sega genesis console

Sega Genesis and its History?
Sega Genesis is a fouth generation home video gaming console released in 1988 in Japan. This is an old type of console truly different from the newer one. This console was very tough competetor to some of the best selling gaming console after 1988. Sega Saturn was its successor. Sega Genesis is very popular for its well designed controller and they also launched its developed controller with six right control buttons. Its has a power base on which all the gaming casettes are installed.

Which Emulator should we use?
Now, You will have an idea about what we are going to do. But we want a software which should be capable of running most of the sega genesis games efficiently in our pc. I researched alot about Sega Genesis Emulators and found a best working emulator which is good in the sense of performance and compatibility. So, The name of emulator is Fusion, and its version name is Fusion 364. This is the best to use emulator if you really want to enjoy the gameplay. Let’s know something about the Emulator First.

Kega Fusion (Best Sega Genesis Emulator)

Kega Fusion is an open source and free to use emulator developed by Steve Snake. This emulator has less specification requirements and it will run on all the processor without demanding high storage space and RAM size. You can get this emulator withour any charges by clicking on the link below. After downloading, install it and you are ready to go. So in short words, Kega Fusion is one of the best emulator for sega genesis emulation. This emulator is used worldwide and have a large number of satisfied users.

Steps to Run Sega Genesis Games in PC

Now, you got an idea about the basic of this process. We will step further about the steps which will help you to run sega genesis games into your pc with the help of sega genesis emulator followed by a video tutorial. Now, I have decided to add atleast one video with my articles which can help you more to understand the setup processes. I believe that visual clarification of anything is better than anything. So, There will be a video with this post too, which you can watch and understand. Let’s know about the steps and start the emulation process accordingly.

  • Click on the Download Link
    Click on the download link below and you will be redirected to the official website of the emulator from where it can be officially downloaded.(as shown in the screenshot)


download sega genesis emulator

download sega genesis emulator

  • Install the Downloaded Setup
    Now, you have to install that emulator, and this is simple. You just have to double click on the setup and installation process will start automatically.

genesis emulator setup

  • Open the Emulator Kega-Fusion
    Now open the software and a blank or blur screen will start to appear. That was all you have to do for this.

boot game


  • Load the Game ROM in the Emulator
    Now you will need a ROM or Game Format to run into the emulator. You can purchase them from the official website of your respective games websites. Or, there are some websites like emuparadise, romsmania which offers some free working game roms. You can find your game out from these websites. I have already downloaded the ROM for (Sonic-The hedgehog) game which I tried to run in Fusion emulator and it is working very fine.
game launched

game launched

That was the whole process of emulation. Now I want to share my experience with you while using this emulator. If you are happy with this emulator then it is fine but I just want to share some things which i noticed and I think these are worth sharing with you.

Advantages of using Fusion 364

There are some good things to know if you really want to use this sega genesis emulator. I will tell you about them and you will be amazed to know that how a tiny size software can come with these types of specifications.

  • Multiple Game Format Loading:
    When you click on the File button, you will get multiple options to load the saved games into the emulator. There are different options like GameGear Rom, MasterSystem Rom and Sega CD. You can just open the game with one click with this emulator.
  • Adjustable Visuals and Audio:
    You can easily adjust your favourite audio and video preferences. This emulator comes with easy controls for brightness, volume, mixing and frame rate setting.
  • Open Source:
    This emulator is fully open source and free to download and use. You can easily get this emulator and start using instantly.

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Final Words:
This was all about emulation of sega genesis games into our pc with the help of sega genesis emulator. The complete setup is easy to do. Anyone can do this without much hardwork. If you have any type of question or problem regarding this post. Please feel free to ask any question or query. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedback. Please share this post with people who need. Be updated with us for more tech articles and technology related content.

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