Everything You Want to Know about Scratch Games [Create your First Games on Scratch]

Have you ever think to create your own game or animation. Everyone got this thought in their childhood. So, there is a platform which give us opportunity to create games out from our imagination. Today we will know about this website in brief.
Scratch is helping millions of peoples to create, run and share games with the help of its website. Scratch games is basically a visual programming language which allow us to write and run games, animations into it. You can also share your projects with others. This website gives us full permissions to access its features. This is a visual programming language whose first prototype appeared first in 2002.

scratch games

scratch games

What is Scratch?

This platform is specially made for children but anyone who love to implement their own ideas can start programming using scratch. There is a big gallery of created games and animation in its explore section. Game fans can create any type of game here just by using some logic.
The kids who wants to learn programming or have interest in the code language can get help from this website. Because this website help everyone to learn logic and programming in very easy way. You can learn basics of programming with the help of this. All the logic are given here with all the instruction. You can easily change or adjust these inputs with the help of couple of clicks. Live preview is also given in the side of workstation. You can preview your changes their easily. Now, we will know about the features of scratch.

Features of Scratch
There are many other website available on the internet which promises its user to provide best platform to build your games. This platform has many features over other programming languages or websites. We will discuss all the features of scratch games here.

  1. No Registration Charges
    To access scratch, you only need to create an account which is completely free. You only have to fill some information and that’s it. You are ready to go with scratch games.
  2. Open Source
    The first and a big advantage of this website is that you can create and run games without any charges. This is a fully open source method to learn game coding and develop your ideas in the form of a game or animation. You can check all the faqs related to scratch games here.
  3. All Projects saved at one place
    After login to your account, you will get a widget of my stuff in the top right corner where all your saved and created project are being stored. You can simply access them and start editing them. You can also share your project with anyone from there.
  4. Explore What Others are Creating
    You will get an explore option on the top of the menu where you can browse the games and other stuff which is created and published by other users. You can check them as well as you can edit them. And it is fully legal to do as scratch community guidelines says.
  5. Share you Project with everyone
    After creating your own project or game, you can share with everyone so they can see your creativity. But please note that,your shared project can also be modified by anyone. So, if you don’t want to get your project modified by others, don’t publish on the website.

How to start creating games with scratch games

To start creating new games with scratch games, you just have to go to the official website of scratch and just click on Create button. You can easily start you basic project with the help of some easy steps. I will show you that how can you create your own game. I will show you the step by step tutorial of a basic game which can be created with scratch.

My first animation on Scratch
I just want to make clear the idea of programming in scratch with a neat project. And after that you can use your own ideas to it. There are lots of logics and commands available in the editor. You can use all of them according to your need.

1. I will make the object sprite go forward for 7 steps and then flip 180 degree in a single place. To do this, I will first of all open the editor and click on event button and select When Clicked widget.

2. So I have created a program for this which is very simple to see and learn.(as shown in the screenshot)

scratch games program

3. You can do whatever you want to do with the help of scripts given in the editor section.

To know better about this website, you can see my video in which I explained the concept of scratch game building.

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Final Words:
So this was all about the scratch games and literally it is a best place to learn game building and programming stuff at some points. You can use it all the resources easily without wasting a penny. This programming language is being used in schools and institutes also to introduce kids with programming. Please share this post with everyone who want this. Stay tuned for more stuff like this.

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