Best PSP Emulator for Windows and Android (Full Installation Process of PPSSPP 1.5.4)

Today we are going to see that how we can play PSP games on our Android devices and windows systems with the help of PSP Emulator. We have discussed earlier Wii Emulators, SNES Emulators, and PS3 Emulators. But PSP is also a very popular gaming console worldwide so we will know that how PSP Emulator will work on our android and window systems. So let’s know something about PSP (PlayStation Portable) first of all.

Best PSP Emulator for Windows and Android 2018

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PSP emulator

PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a handheld gaming console released by Sony Computer Entertainment and its announcement held in 2003. PSP was a very advanced gaming console in its time of release. This gaming console was released in nearly all over the world in 2005 and also discontinued in some countries like Japan, North America in 2014. The PSP works on its own PSP system software. This console runs games with the help of game discs which can be inserted in its back side. So because of its some nice features like 16:9 widescreen, handy structure, it is extremely popular in the gaming industry. PSP is a seventh generation gaming console. So all we are going to know today is that how can we play PSP games on our Windows and Android device with the help of PSP emulator.

How to play PSP Emulator games on Android and Windows:

The emulators are used to emulate the games in our smartphones, desktops or laptops which are only playable in the original consoles. So if you want to emulate psp games in your device or pc then there are lots of software available on the internet but we will use the most preferred one. First of all, we will know about the software which we are going to use in both android and window systems. We all use android devices, laptops and desktop these days and there are lots of applications and games which can run in them. So we can easily get an emulator and start playing all the PSP games on our Android devices and windows system. So we will know all the process step by step. The emulator software which we will use today for android and windows is PPSSPP 1.5.4. Let’s know its features and system requirements.

PPSSPP 1.5.4:
This open source software was developed by Henrik Rydgard and its stable release happened in 2017. It is written in C, C++ and its size for all the platforms is not more than 20 MB. PPSSPP is available for all the operating systems like Linux, MAC, Symbian, Blackberry, Pandora etc. This software was suspended by the google play store sometime ago but now it has been approved so we are going to use this emulator and it is also available on the official website of PPSSPP. This software will allow you to play most of the PSP games in your windows systems and android device depending on the configurations of your systems. This software is very lightweight and ready to go type. We will know step by step process of installation of PPSSPP 1.5.4 below.

Features of PPSSPP 1.5.4:
This software is fully featured as compared to other PSP emulators, so let’s have a look at some of the features of PPSSPP 1.5.4.

  • Portability: As we discussed earlier, this software can work on nearly all the operating systems without any problem so it is mostly preferred to emulate PSP games. All the variant files can be downloaded from the official website of PPSSPP, you don’t have to go anywhere else for the download. This is one of the emulator which is supported in all the operating systems.
  • User Interface: When we talk about the emulators, we start thinking that they are very complicated and hard to install in systems but in the case of PPSSPP 1.5.4, its user interface for all the operating systems is very nice and it is easy to use. You can easily control the games with your keyboard of pc or with the touchscreen. Loading the games is also very easy after downloading the game file (we will discuss the loading process later).
  • Homebrew Store: If you don’t have downloaded game files in your system then you also can go to its homebrew game store and download the games in your emulator. All you have to do is to open the emulator and click on homebrew game store, there you will see many games. You can install and play the game from there also.
  • Advance Graphics: This application works very fine for low-resolution games but if you are having a pc with powerful graphics configurations then you can enjoy HD gaming experience with the help of its advanced graphics settings. And you will be able to play games in full HD resolution.
  • Vulkan Support: Vulcan is an API for cross platform 3d graphics. It is also used for 2d rendering. It is supported in latest version of PPSSPP 1.5.4 so you can enjoy high end 3d graphics gaming in your system if it supports 3d graphics.
  • Frameskipping Feature: Depending on your system configurations, some games may get problems like a buffer or slow frame speed, so you can manage the frame rate with this feature to get a sleek gameplay. You can adjust frame rate according to your need.

System Requirements for PPSSPP 1.5.4 for Android:

  • Operating System- Android
  • Android Version- 2.3 and above
  • RAM- Any Size
  • CPU- Any CPU configuration

Steps to Install PPSSPP 1.5.4 on Android:

  • First of all, go to the download page of the emulator by clicking here , or you can go to play store, Playstore is easy way to download then we will go play store and search for PPSSPP.
Install ppsspp from playstore (psp emulator)

Install ppsspp from playstore

  • After getting the result click on this application (As shown in the screenshot) and click on install button.
    After the installation process, open the downloaded application and it will run automatically.
Open psp emulator

Open psp emulator

  • Now you can download any game file from here and save into your device storage and run it.Or you can go to homebrew game store and start playing the game after online download in the emulator.
Homebrew store psp emulator

Homebrew store

  • Click on Launch.
Run games in psp emulator

Run games in psp emulator

  • And your game will start automatically.
Play games in ppsspp

Play games in ppsspp

So, this was all about the process in Android, and it is as simple as installing any other application on your device and there is no harm in installing this application. Now let’s start the process in Windows.

System Requirements for PPSSPP 1.5.4 for Windows:
Similiarly as Android, this software doesn’t require any advance system configurations to play the games, if you dont want to play HD resolution games.

  • Windows- Anywindows version above Windows XP
  • CPU- Any CPU
  • RAM- 1GB or above
  • Graphics Card- Not Mandatory

Steps to Install PPSSPP 1.5.4 in Windows:

The process is just similar as earlier because we are using the same software for windows. There are lots of other emulators present in the market like RetroArch, Openemu etc. You can also use them but we will know about PPSSPP for the windows also.

  • First of all, go to the download page of PPSSPP and click on Download 1.5.4 Installer. You can also download a zip file of the software and extract them afterward. After clicking on that a download popup will be shown and your download will be started.
Install ppsspp for windows (psp emulator)

Install ppsspp for windows

  • After the download, click on the downloaded setup to install it into the system. It will ask for the permission, click on ‘YES’ and continue.
PPSSPP setup (psp emulator)

PPSSPP setup

  • The software will automatically open after the installation and homepage will be seen as shown in the screenshot.
Lauch PPSSPP (psp emulator)


So, this was all the installation process of PSP emulator for windows and android. It is just similar to install in other operating systems. So, I think there will be no problem now in the installation of PPSSPP in your system. As we know PPSSPP offers you some games in its Homebrew store. But if you want to play any other game of your choice then we will know the complete process of playing PSP games in PPSSPP emulator.

How to download and play PSP games in PPSSPP:

  • As we installed the emulator in our system. Now you have to download game ROM of your choice games to play in PPSSPP. There are lots of websites which gives you thousands of game files. So we will go to a website which have a maximum of PSP games. There are lots of games but we will try Burnout Dominator and download it in our system first of all.
  • You will get a zipped file after the download, you can extract this zipped file with the help of winrar or any extracting software. But before that, create a new folder and move the downloaded file in that folder then click on extract.
  • Now open PPSSPP and click on load in the homepage and select the extracted iso file. The game will automatically start playing on your system.

Advantage of PPSSPP 1.5.4 over other Emulators:
This software comes with many features as we discussed earlier. PPSSPP supports vulcan, frameskipping as we discussed earlier, because of these special features PPSSPP makes it most suitable to play emulated games in our systems. This emulator is popularly used and mostly preferred for all the operating systems. This software is completely free to use and open source. It is a lightweight and easy to use software with a total size of less than 20 MB but able to play most of the psp games very effectively. Booting the downloaded games into it is also very simple. So, selecting this software can be a smart choice for every gamer. Many competitors are there for PPSSPP as psp emulator but no one is having such capabilities like this one. We recommend this software for android and windows too.

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Final Words:
In today world, our handsets and pc have taken the place of every mandatory things like watches, calenders, camera and many other things. Gaming consoles are also in this list. We can buy a gaming console to play the games in it, that will be more pleasuring for a gamer. But if one can not afford to purchase a real console. Then he/she can use emulators for this purpose. Today I tried all the process of playing psp games with the help of psp emulator as simple as possible. It is fun for me to share all the information to you as my knowledge. There will be no problem in the installation and launching process. But If you have any question of query about this post then feel free to ask any question. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedbacks.

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