How To Use PS4 Controller On PC [Dualshock 4 Setup Guide]

There are lots of controller types available in the gaming industry, whether they are wired or wireless. Each and every controller have their own specifications and demands. XBox and PlayStation controllers are well known and popular till now. Some others can also be preferred as best. These controllers have given an era of change in the game plays. We will talk about controllers today in this post. We will know that how we can use Dualshock 4 or we can say ps4 controller on PC. We know that we play games on our gaming console, but if someone has a question in their mind that can we connect these controllers on our pc, then yes it is possible. Today we are covering the topic to connect PS4 controller to our PC. But First of all, I want to give you some information about PS4 controllers.

How To Use PS4 Controller On PC

dualshock 4 image
What is PS4 Controller?
PS4 controller (also known as Dualshock4) is the controller released after ps3 controllers with some new features. This is wireless cum wired controllers with haptic feedback technology. We can use them by connecting a media cable to them or by Bluetooth. This controller work with a non-removable, rechargeable battery which can be charged when they are in idle condition. This controller looks very handy and advanced when we grip them into our hands. This controller comes with the same control buttons as in the earlier ps3 controllers but have some changes in its design. This controller comes in different colour variants and textures. It is an eighth generation controller and was fully released in 2014. You can buy them from any authorized PlayStation store or they are also available on the e-commerce websites. If you want to listen to the game audio in private, then there is an external audio output jack also which can give you the audio separately with the help of a headset. Ultimately, it is a nice and efficient controller developed by PlayStation. Playing game with it or using them is really a fun, every game lover should try them once. But if you don’t have original PlayStation gaming console then you can connect it to your pc. That is why I want to share all the information with you that how can we use PS4 controller on PC. This process is very simple and you will learn it by doing it one time. We will cover two main processes of the connection. So lets start with the first one.

Connect PS4 Controller On PC With The Help Of USB Cable

So, the first method of using this controller is by using a USB cable. If you see on the back side of the controller there is a USB port which allows it to connect to any external devices or PlayStation itself. We will utilize this thing to connect the controller to our PC.


USB Cable

Dualshock4 controller

Setup using DS4 Windows

1. First of all, you have to download a software for this which is known as DS4 Windows (website link is given above). This software will work on your system perfectly but if you are using Windows 7 then you have to download XBOX 360 controller drive on your system which can be downloaded by going to the official website of Microsoft.

2. After downloading DS4 software, extract it, because it comes in a compressed format, you can use WinRAR tool for the extraction purpose.

extract ds4 windows software

3. After extraction, you will get a new folder in which an application will be there name DS4 windows, you have to open it (as shown in the screenshot).

open ds4 windows software

4. The main page of the software will be automatically opened and you will see a window in which you connected DualShock will be shown whether it is connected with Bluetooth or USB cable.

main window

5. Now you can configure or customize the controls and settings of your controller buttons by clicking on profile>New Profile.

ds4 profile

6. After configuring your controller, it is ready to use.

Features of DS4 Windows software


This software just does the job of emulating Xbox 360 controller to ps4 controller and it gives access to modify the control button profiles by editing them. This software easily runs on any system whether it is a powerful system or a normal system. This software has many other features which you can try by installing it.

Easy Interface

Like any other, controller or emulator software, this one does not have any confusing user interface which is difficult to understand. You can easily customize the profile and set with a couple of clicks on your screen. With my point of view, using this software is a smart choice for everyone.

So, this was the complete process to connect ps4 controller on pc with the help of a wired connection and it is quite simple and easy to do. Now we will know about the second method which is easier than this one. This is a wireless connection and it requires some extra accessories. So let’s start with the next method.

Connect PS4 Controller On PC With The Help Of Bluetooth

In the previous method, we have to connect it with a wire and we can use the controller in the limited area but in the next step, we can use it in a larger area. This method is going to be more as the previous one. In this method, we will use an external device for the connection. If your system has preinstalled Bluetooth system then you can connect it by clicking its share and PlayStation logo button at the same time but if you don’t have this feature in your system then you can use Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter. So let’s start with the setup process.


Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter

Dualshock 4 controller

Setup using Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter

1. First of all, you need a USB wireless adapter which is specially designed to connect ps4 controller on pc. This device is available on the official PlayStation website or it can be purchased from any e-commerce website as you want to purchase.
2. Whenever you got this adapter, you have to connect it to your pc.
3. After the connection, you will see a blinking light at the end of the adapter. Now your work starts.
4. You have to take the controller and push its share button and middle PlayStation logo button at the same time for a couple of seconds. Now you will see a blue light on the backside of the controller which will be synchronized with the light of the adapter.

ps4 controller on pc with bluetooth
5. Now you controller has been connected to your pc and it is ready to use.

ps4 controller light

The advantage of using Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter over Bluetooth receivers
This process will be light costly for us but trust me, it is the best way to use these controllers if we want to use the wireless. This is a genuine PlayStation product which can be easily used with any ps4 controller in any pc. If you use any third party Bluetooth receiver then you also need to use an external software with that for configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is DS4 software safe to use?
Answer: Yes, this software is fully safe and open source to use and it is tested by lots of people.

Question: On which operating systems Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter runs?
Answer: This device is specially designed to run on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Questions: Does Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter support remote play app?
Answer: Yes, By using Remote Play app on your PC, you can easily stream games to your computer.

Question: Is it possible to use Dualshock 4 USB wireless adapter outside any sony program?
Answer: Yes, you can do it but it is not much stable outside sony programs.

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Final Words
So, it was the simple process of connecting ps4 controller on pc and I hope you will be aware enough now that how can you do it by yourself. Because these two methods are very simple and easy to do. I have tried to explain as much as I can. But if you still have any problem or question regarding this post or process then feel free to put any question. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedback and solving your problems. Please share this post with your family and friends if they also like to play games. And stay tuned for more updates and information.

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