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Today, we will talk about PS3 Emulator for Windows and Android because use of emulators is increasing day by day. Our systems are becoming more configured and compatible. So it becomes easy to play emulated games on our PC and Android devices with PS3 Emulator if we do not have the original gaming consoles PS3 (Play Station 3). It is a very popular gaming console, so lets have a look on how can we play PS3 games in PS3 Emulator for Windows and Android. First of all I want to share something about PS3 with you.

PS3 (PlayStation 3)

PlayStation 3 is a developed version of PlayStation 2. The developer of PlayStation is Sony Computer Entertainment which is a Japanese Company. Sony deals in many electronic fields like home entertainment, Television, Music Systems, Video Gaming, Mobile Systems and many other fields. PlayStation 3 is also a very popular development of Sony Computer Entertainment. The PS3 was the first advanced PlayStation of its type in its time. It was officially released firstly in 2006. It was released in two hardware configurations 20GB and 60GB model. There are two models of PlayStation 3 Slim Model and Super Slim Model. PlayStation 3 is a big name in Video Gaming Industry. PlayStation 3 works on BlueRay disc game input system. A successor to PS3 was also released with PlayStation 4. But PlayStation make a huge difference in gaming experience. The controls, Joysticks of PlayStation 3 was much advanced than any other previous gaming consoles. PS3 comes with 3.2 Ghz processor with multiple storage options from 20GB to 500GB. It is having dual-shock 3 controllers which have multiple buttons and vibration systems. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA-V) is most popular game populated by PS3. GTA game was developed by Rock Star Games and widely played in all over the world by PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 games can be played in our systems with the help of Emulators. But after researching a lot, I got a fully working and easy install able Emulator to Play PlayStation 3 Games in your Windows. So today I am here with a full tutorial to Play PlayStation games with the help of RPCS3 Emulator.

Get PS3 Emulator for Android

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RPCS3 Emulator

There are lots of Emulators to play PS3 Emulator games in Windows and Android. But RPCS3 Emulator is best to emulate PS3 Games in your Windows and Android devices. RPCS3 is an Emulator designed by Nekotekina and first released in 2012. The RPCS3 is written in C++ language. RPCS3 Emulator can run in both Linux and Windows Operating Systems. RPCS3 Emulator is best PS3 Emulator because it allows us to play all the PS3 games in our system. RPCS3 Emulator is widely in all over the world to emulate famous games like GTA-V, WWE, Rumble Racing, FIFA World-cup etc. It can be easily played in most of the Windows OS. That is why RPCS3 is best PS3 Emulator for Windows and Android. Since the original PlayStation3 run games with the help of Blue-Ray disc, this emulator will run games in our systems with the help of downloaded game ROMs. The complete setup to play PS3 games in RPCS3 Emulator will be given to you.As I told you earlier that this emulator will run on maximum of systems but there are some basic system requirements to play PS3 Emulator games in RPCS3 emulator.

System Requirements for RPCS3 Emulator

1. Operating System- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8+, Windows 10 of 64-bit versions, a modern Linux operating system
2. RAM- 2GB Minimum
3. CPU- X86-64 CPU
4. GPU- Open GL 4.4 or higher, AMD, NVIDIA

If you are having these system configurations in your system of PC then you are all set to play PS3 Emulator games in your system.There are some main steps to play PS3 Emulator games in Windows and Android. So Below are some steps, by following then, you will get a brief idea about emulating PS3 games in Windows and Android.

How to play PS3 games in RPCS3 Emulator:

1. Firstly you have to download the RPCS3 emulator file to your system. You can download the software file by clicking on the download button above.

Download RPCS3 (ps3 emulator)

Download RPCS3

2. Create a new folder name RPCS3 in your system and move that download file into the folder. After moving extract the downloaded compressed file into the folder (you can use winrar software for this).

Extract RPCS3

Extract RPCS3

3. Now Launch the software as shown in screenshot.

RPCS3 Software

RPCS3 Software

4. Now you are ready enough to play games in your RPCS3 Emulator. But you want some game ROMs to open in this emulator. There are many websites which provides game ROMs, you can click here  to get your favorite game ROM. You have to extract them in a folder.

5. Now click on the option as shown in screenshot

Run PS3 Games in RSPC3

Run PS3 Games in RSPC3

6. Now select the extracted File and click on Open.

7. The game will start automatically.

Features of RPCS3 Emulator:

1.It is modern and easy to download and install.
2. You can play thousands of games in RPCS3 Emulator.
3. It can run on both Windows and Linux systems.
4. RPCS3 is free software, you don’t need to pay for any subscriptions.
5. RPCS3 will give you access to all the popular PS3 Emulator games.
6. You can easily control the game with the help of mouse and keyboard.

PS3 Emulator for Android:

You can also play PS3 Emulator games in Windows as well as Android devices. You can easily play PS3 emulator games in your android devices. The PS3 Emulators can be used in maximum all the android devices. The PS3 Emulator becomes like an handheld gaming console. It can be easily configured in any android devices but their are some requirement. The main system requirements for PS3 Emulator in Android are given below.

1. Operating System- 4.0 and up
2. Version- v2.5.2
3. Size- 19 MB Approax.
4. Any Processor

How to play PS3 Emulator games in Android

1. First of all, you have to download the PS3 Emulator apk file by clicking on the button above.
2. Before installing the downloaded software, you have to give permission to unknown sources in security settings.
3. After complete installation, you have to open the application and start playing in you android devices.

Features of PS3 Emulator for Android.
This is a free PS3 Emulator software with a small size and it is easily install able. The Android PS3 Emulator can used to play any famous games like superman,WWE, Spiderman etc. The quality of graphics in this PS3 Emulator is very good so the game play becomes very nice. This emulator is very easy to use and did not effect your device in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can we Play Online with RPCS3 Emulator?
Ans. Yes RPCS3 comes with net-play feature by which you can play online games,

Q. Is it safe to use PS3 Emulators?
Ans. Yes there will be no harm to your system by emulators.

Q. Can we play PS3 Emulator without any purchase?
Ans. Yes RPCS3 is an open source software and anyone can use it.

Q. Do RPCS3 have any support feature?
Ans. This community is very responsive if you want any help.

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So, That was all about PS3 Emulator for Windows and Android. We have tested and tried a lot to get proper and accurate information for you. Gaming is a very good experience a person can ever had. The PS3 Emulator games will let you play games in your system without any console. If you are having any type of query or question about PS3 Emulator for Windows and Android, then please feel free to give your valuable feedback.

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