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Our PC and Android devices are full of the applications and software these days which we use in our daily life. These software and applications are made to make our life more simple of to connect with our loved ones or any reason. But we use them because we love to use them. So, today I will introduce everyone with an application which is very popular and good in video streaming industry. Today we will talk about Periscope for PC and Android platform. This application basically allow us to watch or broadcast live videos to others. Periscope is officially created by Twitter and its only purpose is to share the information to others with the help of live videos, so the watchers can also experience same the broadcaster is experiencing.

Download Periscope for PC and Android

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Idea of Periscope:
Periscope was officially released in 2015 and it is basically a live video streaming application. Periscope is officially available on the play store for android devices. And you also can go to its website. But this application is not available officially for Windows platform as a software till now. So we are going to do all this process with an android emulator. And it will work same in your pc as it works in any android device. This application is same as other of its competitors like Twitch, Live.me, etc but it have some uniqueness in it. That is why it is somehow different from others. According to its developers, they only want to give an application to the user which can overcome the limitations of sharing the pictures with the others. Because as of their point of view watching video is more realistic and enjoyable experience that looking at the still images. That is why, they created this application and make it free to use for everyone. There are lots of advantages of using this applications. So first of all we will know about the features of Periscope.

Features of Periscope App:

  • Easily Downloadable
    As we Know now that it is developed by Twitter, so it can be easily find out on the play store or other websites. This application is low in size and simple to install in our smartphones. It does not requires any special permissions to access your personal data. You can simply go to android play store and start installing it with one click. And if you want to run it in your pc then you can simply install it by going to the play store in your android emulator too. Same, Installing periscope for pc is also a very easy process.
  • Simple Interface
    This application has a simple user interface as compare to other live streaming applications. You probably have seen that there are lots of icons, like buttons, advertisements in other streaming applications. But this one is different. Everything has been given in a clean manner and you can do anything you want to do in easy steps. You can become a broadcaster by starting your live video stream or you can watch other’s live videos instantly in your Periscope. And it is more simpler than it looks like. A lots of people use this application because its professional look.
  • Map View
    This application has a feature of map view. By using this. you can see that from which area from the world video is being broadcasted, and start watching it instantly. For example, if you are from a certain location, you will click on the map button and a world map will be shown.

map view

You will see numbers in the particular locations. Click on the numbers and all the video list will be shown to you. You can watch any video from there. This feature can also be seen when you will install periscope for pc too.

  • Quick Live
    If you want to go live, if you want to show something to the world. Then going live on periscope is fun itself. You just have to click on the camera button on the home screen and you will go live in seconds.

go live periscope for pc

You will be able to see that how many peoples are watching you. Plus you can see comments below on the screen also. The go live button is highlighted in the screenshot above.

  • Featured Broadcast
    In the featured broadcast section of this application, you can see the featuring and trending live videos of that time.

featured broadcast

Most of the times, Breaking News are going at that area. So this is one of the features of this application.

  • Download Streams
    Same as Instagram, you can also download and save broadcasted videos into your devices, and can see them later. Because the broadcasted videos are available on you Periscope profile for not more than 24 hrs. So if you want to download them, you can do.

Specifications of Periscope Applications

Required Operating SystemAny Operating System
AuthorTwitter Inc.

How to Install Periscope in Android Devices:

Using this application in Android is much simpler than using periscope in pc because of it only officially available for android platform. So, first of all, we will know how to install this application on Android devices.

  • First of all, go to your device play store, and search for Periscope.

search periscope in playstore

  • The first application in the search result developed by twitter inc is your application.

see periscope in playstore

  • Click on install and the installation will start automatically

Periscope Launched

  • Now open the application by click on the app icon and it is ready to use.

Using Periscope:
This application has some advantages which make its users use it without any complaint. The usability of this application is as same as other applications.
To use Periscope, first of all, we must create an id on it to access it. Identity can be created manually with a mobile number. Or you can create it directly with Facebook or Google Accounts.

After that you have to set a username, you can set it your real name and then click on continue. You will be automatically redirected to the next page.

Some terms and policies have to be accepted by you. You must be at least 13 years old to use this application.

After accepting the term, Homepage of Periscope will appear automatically and you are ready to use Periscope for PC and Android.

How to install Periscope on your PC.

As we discussed earlier that this application is not available for windows, so to use this application on our PC, we can use an android emulator  for this purpose. And there are lots of emulators available on the internet which can help you to do it. We will use Bluestacks Emulator for this to run Periscope for PC. First of all, we have to install Bluestacks in our system which can be downloaded from its official website. You can go to the bluestacks official website by clicking on the button below.

1. After installing Bluestacks, you just have to go to play store and search for Periscope same as earlier.

2. Now install it in bluestacks and open it.

3. You are ready to use this application on your PC now.

Frequently Asked Questions for Periscope for PC.

Question: What is Bluestacks?
Answer: Bluestacks is basically a computer software which allows users to run applications in our systems which can only run on Android Operating Systems. This emulator is used worldwide to run Android applications and games in systems with limited system requirements.

Question: Can we use Periscope without using any emulator on our PC?
Answer: No, It is not possible till now. Its windows version does not arrive yet. The only process to use periscope for pc is by android emulator.

Question: Is Periscope safe to use?
Answer: As we all know this application is developed by twitter inc. so there is are no security or privacy issues in this application same as twitter. But you should make sure while broadcasting that the thing you broadcasting worth it or not?

Question: Can we use Periscope in Mac operating system?
Answer: Yes, you can. But only with the help of emulator same as windows.

Question: Is it possible to broadcast something personally?
Answer: Yes, the option of the private broadcast is also there. You can select a number of users from your list and start streaming only to them.

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Final Words
So, it was the complete process to run periscope for pc. And this is a simple process which can be easily followed by anyone. The steps will be clear to everyone as to my knowledge. I have tried to explain this process to the maximum but if you are having any problem in the installation process then please feel free to ask any question or query. Your feedback are important to me. I will be very pleased to get them. Also, share this post with your friends so they can also use this tricks if they want.

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