What is OBS Studio? How to use OBS? [Pros/Cons and Alternatives]

Have you ever think about recording your pc screen or stream it with others? Some website supports direct interface for video streaming into them, but someone doesn’t or their performance is poor. So, at that time we require an external source or system which can stream easily and efficiently. So, today we will be talking about the same thing in this post. We will know about a software which is good for streaming purpose as compared to others. We will know the whole process of streaming and be setting up OBS studio.

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OBS is known as Open Broadcast Software. Its first release was OBS classic. After this, they introduced OBS studio with us with some more features. This is program specially build for streaming and recording videos. It is an open-source program created by Hugh “Jim” Bailey. This software is written in C,C++ language and supported to run in Windows,macOS, and Linux too. It was stable released on 12th May 2018. There are lots of websites on which you can stream with the help of OBS like Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, twitch.tv etc. It is available in approximately 41 languages. It has the support of many plugins. Due to this, it becomes a full package for video and games streaming on any platform. So, First of all, we will know about the features of OBS studio.

Features of OBS Studio:

  1. Free and Open Source
    This unique and fully feature streaming platform is a free and fully open source to use. You can freely download its software from its website and start using without paying anything to anyone. Most of the other streaming services require paid membership or you have to purchase plans before using them. So, A fully trusted and tested software giving you a service fully free is a big thing to be noticed.
  2. High-Quality Video and Audio Streaming
    All the video you will stream with OBS studio will be full resolution and you can also reduce their quality according to your need. We will know the whole process of video streaming in the video section below. So, if you are streaming with the official streaming channels from any website, they will compress the videos to reduce data consumptions. But in OBS studio you can transmit video and audio according to your preferences.
  3. Multiple Plugins Support
    It is a fully packed for all the streaming and recording operations although it is simple enough to use. But if you want to add some more features to it. There are lots of plugins available to use in OBS studio.
  4. Hotkey Supported
    Imagine you are using the ordinary streaming platform from any website. You have to do every action with the help of mouse or touchpad of your laptop. But if you use OBS studio, you can control almost every action with the help of its hotkey support. You can customize these hotkeys by going to hotkey section in its setting. This thing makes OBS studio more effective to use.
  5. Studio Mode
    For the reason, it is named as a studio. This is one of the best things I like about this software. You can adjust, edit or recreate scenes or images before streaming them online. You adjust them by your choice so that people can see what you want them to see.

How to use OBS studio

After knowing all the feature of this streaming application. You will be excited to know that how to use this. Or maybe some peoples are here to know only the working process of obs studio. So, I will tell you the whole process of working with the help of a video which can be watched below.

After watching this video, you will be having a good idea of how OBS studio works. I want to highlight some of the main functions below.

  • Setting Up OBS Studio

To record the video or screen, it is easy by clicking the ‘start recording’ Button. But if you want to stream something, you have to set up some things in its settings.First of all, you must have a streaming key with you. Stream key is provided by your respective platform on which you want to stream.

settings up obs studio

  • Set Audio and Video Quality

To start streaming and recording, you must have specified that in which format or quality you want to share the content. You can adjust it by going to the settings. Lots of different formats and resolutions are given there. You can select or change your preferences anytime.

  • Make source selection

    The first and the main thing in any streaming platform is its source. You should have a clear idea about what you want to stream with people. You can share any tutorial, game, images, videos and many other things. Similarly, In OBS studio you must have a selection of what you are sharing with your audience.

selecting source in obs studio

  • Start Streaming

    After selecting all the preferences, you are now ready to go for streaming. Now, you will be aware of how you have to do before stream and record your screen and other things. The only thing you want now is the stream key.

Main console obs studio

How to know your Youtube Stream key?

Open Youtube in your browser then click on Your Channel and select Creator Studio Option. Now click on the Live Streaming option and click on stream now. If you don’t have created your steam account, you have to do it and after this account will take 24 hours to activate. After the activation click on encoder setup and click on Reveal. Now copy the copy which you got there.

How to know your Twitch.tv Stream key?

Open Twitch website click on your account in the top right corner and click on Dashboard. Now click on Channel then click on Stream Key. This is your key. Save it in a safe place.

Note: Please don’t share your stream key with anyone you don’t trust. They can start anything they want with your stream key and therefore you can do nothing.

OBS Studio Alternatives
OBS is just a perfect tool for streaming and recording purposes. But there are lots of other software platforms which are good same as OBS studio. So, Now we will know about the top competitors of OBS studio.

  1. Xsplit Broadcaster

This is a good alternate to OBS in the manners of streaming and recording too. But the big thing is its price.



It comes with a paid subscription of 4.95$ per month. Its price for use makes it little bit unpopular that OBS.

  1. Wonder Share Filmore scrn
    Similiarly, This is a competitor to OBS studio only in the category of screen recording plus video editing. This software allows us to record the videos as we want. so, you can edit the videos too.



This is better than OBS if we talk about screen recording but streaming is not possible in it. That’s why it lacks in front of OBS.

  1. VIDBlaster
    This is another platform for streaming and recording. This package also comes with an annual price of 99$. It is designed especially for streaming but you can’t stream videos with this.


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Final Words:
Finally, It was almost all about OBS studio and it a good software to use for streaming at no cost. Its free to use and effective and easy to use. So, choosing this platform over other will be a smart choice for everyone. I have used it by myself and it is good in all the manners. Please share your view on this post and about OBS. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more

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