Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018

Nintendo is a very big name in Gaming Industry. It is known for its world popular gaming consoles. Nintendo has produced a number of video games which are all time favorite of all the gamers. Today we are going to talk about Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018. To know about these games, First of all, we will know what Nintendo Switch basically is?
Nintendo Switch is a 7th gaming console developed by Nintendo. This is a handheld cum docked gaming console because it is having removable gaming joysticks which are also called Joy-Con controllers. It was released on 3rd March 2017. At the first sight, Nintendo Switch looks like an ordinary handheld gaming console but it is a bit different from others like PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles. It has a 6.2-inch 1080p screen which is very good to have a great gaming experience. It is totally based on the principal of Wii-U which is also a very popular gaming console by Nintendo.

Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018

Nintendo Switch Featured image

Nintendo Switch Games Featured image

Now, we got a proper idea about the Nintendo Switch. So, This article is to introduce you to Nintendo Switch and Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018. If we talk about gaming experience, Nintendo can run any high-level game into it, but there are some of the games which can be considered as best games to play in Nintendo Switch will be described here today. So let’s start with the features and specifications of Nintendo Switch and then we will proceed further to Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018.

Specifications of Nintendo Switch:
Nintendo Switch is completely different and innovative thing that we are using earlier as gaming consoles. All the previous consoles were having same functionalities with some minor changes. But this time Nintendo has come with a unique idea. All the video and playing ideas can be seen on the official website of Nintendo Switch. There are some system and hardware specifications for this console. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Code Name: NX
  2. Type: Hybrid Gaming Console
  3. Operating System: NS system software
  4. CPU: OctaCore
  5. Graphics: Nvidia GM20B
  6. Controllers Type: Joy Con
  7. Weight: 398 (with controllers connected)

Features of Nintendo Switch:

As we discussed earlier, this revolutionary gaming console is fully featured if we talk about its development. The features are countless but we will try to cover some of them here. You can check all the features of This gaming console on its official website or you can find it out here in Wikipedia. These features can make you go for Nintendo Switch if want to are in search of a good gaming console. So let’s have a look at the features of Nintendo Switch.

1. Portability: The main feature of this gaming console is its Portability. Nintendo is most portable gaming console I have ever seen in my life. It can work as a handheld or dock type gaming console because of its removable wireless controllers. You can get your console into your hand or you can dock it on a table or anything you want as per your convenience,

2. Infra-Red Motion Camera: In Joy Con controllers, there is an inbuilt Infra red sensing camera which can detect shapes, objects so it brings more fun to your gaming experience. In addition to this, It controllers have sense detection system you can play the game physically with your friends.

3. Parental Regulations: Nintendo switch is considered as suitable for all age groups but you can manage parental control like you can stop accessing to games as per their ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

4. Online Gaming: Online gaming is very good experience if you are a gamer so Nintendo Switch has a pro for you. You can play offline as well as online games with your friends.

5. Memory: This gaming console has internal memory of 32GB but if you want then you can add more memory by putting external memory cards MicroSDHC of microhdxc cards too.

Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018:

There are lots of games to play in Nintendo Switch. But there are some games that are amazing works on Nintendo Switch. So today we will know about these games which are best to play in this gaming console. These games are available on the internet or you can get them from official Nintendo website. So there is a list of all these games which are tested and working finely on this console. Many record-breaking games have been released for this console but we will talk about the latest ones. Lets have a look on all of them.

Payday 2: The first games come on the list is Payday 2. Payday is very popular shooting game developed by 505 games. It was released earlier for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox but now publishers released Playday 2 for Switch also. So this games can be considered as the best shooting game to play in Nintendo Switch. Up to 4 players can play in multiplayer mode in Payday 2.

payday 2

payday 2

Nintendo Labo: Nintendo Labo is basically not a game itself. It is a realistic gaming simulation system designed with the help of crafts and cardboards. There are some craft pieces comes with Labo. You just have to configure your Nintendo switch into the craft pieces and the game will work like reality. You can it on the official website of Nintendo Labo . Labo is totally innovative and unique product from Nintendo. Labo is basically taken from the word Laboratory. It is designed in a way that we can adjust its parts to play racing, emulator, and music games also. I have already discussed Labo in my earlier post about Nintendo Labo . So you can enjoy Labo with the help of Nintendo switch.

Nintendo labo

Nintendo labo (Nintendo Switch Games)

Kirby Star Allies: This game is not released for the switch but going to be in the month of March 2018. This game also comes in the category of world popular games. It is played by the side-on view. The main character called Kirby has to be controlled and run in this game. This game is developed by HAL laboratory but released by Nintendo. It is a good candidate to be on the list of Best Nintendo Switch Games 2008. Its logo also looks pretty good to see.

kirby star allies

kirby star allies

Super Mario Odyssey: This game is officially developed and released by Nintendo itself for the switch. As we all know Super Mario is everyone’ favorite video game of all time. It new version Super Mario Odyssey is also very famous and addictive. This game can easily play on Nintendo switch. Two players at one time in a game can play in multiplayer mode. This is also one of the best game to play in Nintendo Switch.

super mario oddessey

super mario oddessey

Dark Souls Remastered: This game also not released yet for Nintendo switch but it is going to be on 25 May 2018. It is an awesome action game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game is coming up for Nintendo Switch on May 25, 2018. Up to 6 players can play this game in multiplayer mode. This game is also available for PS3, Xbox, and PS4. Dark Souls game has won the best game of the year award in 2014. So this is going to be fun to play this game on Nintendo Switch.

dark souls remastered

dark souls remastered

Wolfenstein 2: This game is an action category game. It is developed by MachineGames. It is coming up for the switch in the year of 2018. This game is fully based on Nazi empire and second American Revolution. This game is also record-breaking on other platforms and consoles. It is also going to give lots of fun in the switch.

Wolfenstein 2

Wolfenstein 2

Fire Emblem: This game is released in last of 2017 for the switch. And it comes in the category of role-playing games. Publisher of this game is Nintendo itself. This game is designed and developed by Koei Tecmo Games. Fire Emblem is kingdom based action and role-playing game having a number of super heroes in it. So, If you want to play this type of games you can go for Fire Emblem in your Nintendo Switch.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem

Yoshi: It is also a side-scrolling game as Kirby Star Allies. It can be played by two players simultaneously just like super Mario. But it is a little bit different from super Mario. Here Yoshi is going all the way by your controls at different paths and surprises. This game is designed by Good-Feel.


yoshi (Nintendo Switch Games)

FIFA 18: Our favorite game Fifa has now been available for switch from Sep 2017. As we all know it is a footballing game comes under sports category and is a very addictive game. This game is designed by EA (Electronic Arts) EA Vancouver and EA Romania. Fifa 18 is available for a maximum of consoles. Now you can enjoy this awesome game in Switch also.

Nintendo Switch Games

Fifa 18

The Legend of Zelda: This is a single player game released officially in 2017 for Nintendo Switch. It is developed by Nintendo and an action and adventure game. It is a very popular adventure game. So, go beyond your limits and explore the amazing world in your switch with The Legends of Zelda.

Nintendo Switch Games

the legend of zelda

So , These were some best games to play in Nintendo Switch in 2018. These games are having amazing gameplay and a positive ranking feedback. So, if you owned or trying to own Switch console. Then you must try these games in your switch. All these games are provided in the game store of Nintendo Switch. You can easily get them from the official website of Nintendo Switch digitally of physically as your want.

How to run games on Nintendo Switch:
There are two ways to run a game on Nintendo switch. This gaming console comes with an external sd port. In this port, you can put external sd card with downloaded game file in it or you can download a game software from Nintendo eShop. Nintendo is an on the go gaming console. You can Turn on your console anywhere and start playing handheld or get it docked and play with its removable joysticks. It is as easy as playing a game on your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Question for Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018:

Q. Is Nintendo Switch costly?
A. Nintendo Switch is available for the price of 300$. As this gaming console comes with docked and handheld features so 300$ is not a big price range.

Q. Is Nintendo Switch Amiibo compatible?
A. Yes, It is compatible with Amiibo accessories.

Q. How to download games for Nintendo Switch?
A. Games are available physically and digitally at store and on the official site of Nintendo Switch

Q. Can we connect Switch to TV?
A. Yes, Nintendo switch comes with an external HDMI port. So you will be capable to connect it to your TV with the help of HDMI cable.

Q. What is the battery backup of Nintendo Switch?
A. It depends on the gaming you are playing on your console. It has a non-removable 4310 mAh, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It can give you a battery life about 2 to 6 hours.

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Final Words: This was all about Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018. We have tested and tried a lot to get this list to you. These are best and most preferred for Nintendo switch. There are lots of other games like WWE, splatoon2, Bayonetta, Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicle 2 etc. You can get any game according to your preference from the official site of Nintendo Switch in Nintendo switch games section. So getting these games to you was a great experience to you. I have tried to brief you the games as good as I can. If you want to know and explore more about these games, you have to play these games by yourself then you will be able to know them. So get Best Nintendo Switch Games 2018 into your switch and enjoy yourself. If you a have any questions or query about this topic then please let us know. We will feel happy to get your valuable feedbacks.

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