Top 8 Negative Effects of Technology on Society

We are the people surrounded with technology the most ever. And we are going to get more of it in the future. Technology has changed our lives. In fact, we are getting dependant on it. Our style of living has changed. Everything is getting easier. In earlier times, if we are planning to go somewhere, we have to book tickets before the date by going to a ticket booker or an Internet cafe. But, now I can simply book it with the help of a couple of clicks on my phone or laptop. I think this example is best to understand the term of technology. Advantages are many more. But, There are negative effects of technology too and we must know them. So, In this post, we are going to know that what is the negative side of technology and how it is affecting us. Or how it is going to harm us in the future.

negative effects of technology

Negative Effects of Technology

There are lots of disadvantages of technology and they are totally known to us. Whether we are ignoring them or we got habitual to them, but we can’t take our eyes off them. I have observed all the negative sides of my neighborhood, family, friends and from my daily observations. So, please read them below and give your response in the comment section below.

  • Pollution

As the users of electronic devices and machines increasing its demand and manufacturing is also increasing. The industries built for the production of electronic components and devices are huge and spitting a large amount of industrial and e-waste. This waste material is very harmful to our health and environment.

  • Isolation of Surroundings

Let’s imagine the situation when you are sitting with your friend or with anyone you know and you are talking. Suddenly, the person got a text from someone, and he/she started chatting on the phone. Now, the lack of conversation while the person is chatting is the isolation between peoples because of technology and I think it is a very common negative effect of technology appearing in front of our youth.

  • Addiction

I think this is something which most of the people are experiencing because I am also a phone addict. I must say, if I am away from my smartphone for more than half an hour, I start getting constant crave to see my smartphone. And unfortunately, if my battery gets empty then feel that something is missing from me. Now, I have started practicing to stay away from my phone as much as possible. Because there are lots of another thing to do in our life which are more enjoyable than using a smartphone.


  • Poor health and Obesity

In early times people used to walk, run or they do more physical works than now. But, Today we spend our time watching funny videos or to play video games. This thing leads to less physical work and we get fat which is bad for our health as we all know. We have started ordering food online. Feeling hunger? Order online and the delivery boy will give pizzas and cold drinks to your doorstep. I think this thing is to be taken seriously by everyone who is reading this.

  • Depression

Everyone must be aware of this word. Yes, technology is giving its full contribution to developing depression. You will get everything on the internet like Study materials, Friends, Family, Games and lots of other important daily things. Because of this, human communication and contact are getting missed. The person starts overeating, feeling lonely and sometimes they went into depression. Antidepressant comes into play after this and the depression-anti-depression game starts playing with a person’s life. That is why it is in the list of negative effects of technology.

depression negative effects of technology

  • You are not private anymore

We are sharing everything on the internet like our address, contacts, age, gender, habits, interests, location, and private data too. Every application and website is taking permission from us to access these things from us. And we are permitting them happily. The Internet can target you in any way by collecting and processing all these data and you will be amazed that how I am getting ads related to my interest. This is the technology my friend emerging day by day.

  • Our children are getting dumber

If your child is using a smartphone of a computer, you call him/her. If no reply comes from them for some time or they respond late. You should keep the device away from them as he/she is going to be dumb if it continues. The mind after using a smartphone will experience a constant distraction from the surrounding and the heavy use can result in permanent dumbness.


  • Poor Sleeping Habit

As we all know to sleep on time and waking us earlier is good for our health but technology is ruining good sleeping habits also. People use their smartphone for late nights and later it becomes their habits to sleep late at night. It results in poor health and daytime dizziness, anxiety and many other mental abnormalities. This is also one of the negative effects of technology.

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Final Words
No one in this world is separated from technology and we must use them for our convenience. Because there are lots of good things about technology. But we have to use them within limits otherwise it can lead to many psychological or physical problems in our lives. Smartphones are essential in our life but the less you use them the happier and connected you will feel with your loved ones. The technology is meant to make our lives simple not to tougher.

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