Best N64 Emulator For Windows And Android (Download Latest Version)

Nintendo’s N64 is a fifth generation gaming console developed by Nintendo. It is a home video game console which was released in 1996. This gaming console was very popular at that time. More than 32 Million units were sold worldwide in its lifetime. Today we will talk about N64 Emulator because this gaming console had been fully discontinued in 2003. So if anyone wants to play N64 games then there are some emulators which can help in the emulation of this gaming console on our pc or android smartphone. Today we are going to learn the same.
N64 had 64-bit CPU and 4 MB RAM. It is also known as Ultra 64. The best selling game for this console was Super Mario 64. It was much popular at that time because of its unique features and powerful system. You can check all the information about this console here or on Wikipedia too. It was available in multiple colors at that time and it had a very attracting gaming joystick. So the main purpose of this post is to get that earlier experience today in our systems. Today we will use an emulation software known as Project 64. And we will also know how to use it and play games into it. the emulation is very easy and you can easily run downloaded game roms into the emulator. First of all, we will know about the emulator.

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Project 64

This emulator was released in 2001 and it is written in C language. At that time it was available only for Windows but now it is available for Android OS too. This is the best and highly rated emulator for N64. And it is on the top number in N64 Emulator. This emulator is small in size and easy to run so it is mostly preferred for the emulation purpose. Also, this software is a fully open source to everyone. There are lots of other emulators available on the internet like retroarch, Mega N64 but this one has some nice features which can’t be justified by the others. First of all, we will know about the features and specifications of our software.

Features of Project 64 Emulator (N64 Emulator):

  • This software is small in size which is good for our system performance and installation process too.
  • Game ROMs are easy to load in a single click.
  • You can change the language.
  • Easily configurable graphics, audio, and controller plugins.
  • Available for both Windows and Android platforms.

Specifications and Requirements of Project 64 in Windows

Software Version2.3.2
Size2.3 MB
Required OSWindows XP or higher
Required RAM128MB or higher
Required CPU650MHz Intel Pentium III or higher.

These are the minimum requirements to run this emulator. If you are having all these then click on the download button below and install it on your pc.

Steps to Install Project 64 In Windows:

  • First of all, download the setup file from the link above, then double-click on that file, the installation will be started automatically.
setup n64 emulator

setup n64 emulator

  • A shortcut will be created after the install, click on it and the software will start loading.

open Project64

  • After the install, open N64 Emulator and click on the file option (as shown in the screenshot).

Boot games into n64 emulator


  • Now you need some game ROMs of your choice games which you can download from here.
  • Download ROMs and select them after this step. I have selected Super Mario Game from the same site and it works fine.
Run Project N64

Run Project N64

Click on the Load game and select the downloaded game ROM and the emulation will start automatically.

So these were the steps to emulate any game in this emulator. You only have to download game ROMs of your choice and you can start playing instantly. These roms are available on many websites on the internet. You can search them and run in the emulator is the same way we did earlier. Now we are able to play N64 games in N64 Emulator, now let’s go towards an Android version of this emulator.

N64 Emulator for Android (Project64)

The emulator is same and the developer is also same, the difference is these operation systems. These both are doing same work of emulation but this will do its job in Android OS. This emulator is compatible with maximum android smartphones and tablets. This emulator will allow you to play N64 games on your Android devices. So today we will also learn that how we can play N64 games in android with the help of N64 Emulator for Android. This emulator is officially available in the Play store, so its installation will be easy. And it is rated around four out of five stars, so it is reliable too. Project 64 is most referred for N64 emulation in Android as same as Windows. The features, specifications and system requirements for this are given below.

Features of Project 64 Emulator for Android:

  • You can put games from SD card of phone memory.
  • Homebrew game store is also available if you don’t have downloaded game roms.
  • Compatible with all the devices above than Android 4.4
  • Small in size to download with less space available.
  • Fully open source with in-app purchase.

Specifications and Requirements of Project 64 for Android

Software Version2.3.2
Required OS4.0 and up
Required RAMAny RAM size
PermissionsPhotos, Media

Steps to Install Project 64 In Android:

There are two ways to install this application, first is by going to the play store  and second is by direct download. The download link is given above.

N64 emulator for Android

  • To play games, first of all, you have to get game roms on your phone which can be downloaded from here.
  • After the install, open the application and click on the file button on the top right corner of the screen.

Load game on Project64

  • Now select the downloaded game rom and the game will start automatically.

Why Project 64?
We are using this emulator because of a reason. Some peoples have many poles that this is not a good emulator to play N64 games. It has many competitors like RetroArch, 1964, MegaN64, Muper64. But this one is having some advantages over the others like its User Interface, usability, installation and etc. If you look at its ratings on any platform, it ranks higher than other emulators. This emulator is good in the manner of performance too. It works very smoothly in both windows and Android operating systems. You can connect external controller also with this emulator. Emulation becomes very easy when you use this emulator. Big thing is that it is available in the play store also. So you can judge from here that it is more reliable than other ones.

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Last Words:
So this was the process of easy emulation of N64 games in Windows and Android using N64 Emulator. I have tested and searched a lot to find the best emulator and I reached a result that this one is the best. You can try the other ones, but if you really want to get total experience of N64 games then try it at least once. And I am sure you will like it. This emulator work same as real game console. I tried to explain as much as but if you have any problem with the installation then please let me know. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedbacks. Please share this post with your family and friends if you like.

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