How to setup Miracast on Windows 10 PC [Miracast Windows 10]

Everyone has used HDMI cables earlier to project one device’s screen to another’s. A wire is used at that time, one end connects to our pc and second to the Television or any device on which we want to cast the screen. This process is most preferred and effective for screencasting. But, Now if you don’t want to stuck into the bundles of wires, there is a new way to cast your screen to your Android device, tablet or pc. Today I will explain to you the full topic of Miracast Windows 10.

miracast windows 10

What is Miracast?
It is a function in a device which allows it to share the multimedia contents from one device into another. Miracast is WI-Fi certified and it specifically designed only to share videos, audios from our devices to Televisions and other Miracast enabled devices. This system was launched by Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012. There can be two types of screencasting using Miracast, Firstly when a device comes with an already installed Miracast receiver. And Secondly, adapters are also available which can be plugged in HDMI or USB ports. Miracast is applicable for Windows, Android and Blackberry operating systems.
It was not available for the android os earlier but in 2013, Google also said that all the devices after Android 4.2 will be supporting Miracast by default.

Here is how to check if your PC Supports Miracast:

Miracast is generally compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You can check whether your system is eligible to use Miracast of not? To check the eligibility, Follow the below steps. After that, we will know about Miracast windows 10 setup.

  • Press Windows+R button first of all.


  • Run window will be opened, type there ‘dxdiag‘ and press ok.

type dxdiag in run


  • Direct Diagnostic Tool Window will be opened, Click on Save All Information button.

Click on save all information

  • A file will be prompted to download, save this file where you want to save.

save dxdiag file (miracast windows 10)

  • Then open that file and see if there Miracast ‘Available’ written or not.

Check Miracast Eligibiligy in windows 10


If it is available written then it is ok, if it is not then your device doesn’t support Miracast projection. This was the process ti check miracast support and this can be done easily on all the pc.

Miracast Windows 10 setup process:

Miracast enabled devices can be easily connected to our pc and Android devices. It is also possible on the devices which are not miracast enabled by default. So we will cover both the process below:
First of all, if your Television has pre-installed Miracast technology then you just have to do this procedure. You can do this process in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

  • Click on the search menu and type ‘Connect’.

connect application

  • Open the Connect application.
  • Now, you will see all the Miracast enabled devices there.
  • When you see your device (Television or any device), click on Connect below and the connection will be established.

This was the process with pre-installed Miracast technology, Now below is the process for Miracast Windows 10 by using an external device. You have to purchase external Wi-Fi antenna or we can say them wireless adapters. There are lots of wireless adapters available on the market, but we will use the best and tested one.

Microsoft Wireless Adapter:
This thing is used to get miracast access on your TV or any device which does not have inbuilt miracast. Microsoft Wireless Adapter are connected to TV or Monitors and they give you access to cast your pc or mobile screen to that device. You have to purchase this adapter first of all.

How to use Microsoft Wireless Adapter For Miracast Windows 10:

  • Microsoft Wireless Adapter
  • After purchasing this adapter, connect its one port to your Televisions’ USB port and second to its HDMI port.
  • An automatic Miracast WiFi area will be created on that place.
  • Now you are ready to go. You can use the above-given process by using Connect application.

How to make your Windows 10 pc into a Miracast connectable display:

1. Click on the Action Center Button

action center



2. Click on Connect icon


3. Now click on Projecting to this pc option in bottom of the menu.

project to this pc

4. Now select ‘Available Everywhere’ from the drop-down menu.


4. Select ‘First Time Only’ on the below drop-down menu.

5. Now you will see a notification every time when anyone tries to project on your pc screen.

This was the process to convert your ordinary windows 10 pc into miracast windows 10 eligible pc. This is how you can share your one system’s screen to another’s screen.

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Final Words:
This was all about the Miracast Windows 10 setup process. I hope all the steps will be clear to you now. All the steps are very simple to do. If you have any problem in doing all these steps or if you have any question regarding this post. Please feel free to ask any question. I will feel very happy to hear your concerns and getting your valuable feedback. Please share this post if anyone needs this. Stay tuned for more updates like this one.

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