8 Ways How Information Technology has changed the World?

We are living in a world where everything is going with a very fast pace whether it is data or a bullet train. I am very amazed that technology has changed everything around us in a very short period. We have started living a life of the internet. Almost everything can be done with the help of the internet nowadays. So, today we are going to know that how Information Technology has changed the world around us. This is the most advanced type of technology. No one is unaware of it because they are using it in their daily works in any way. It can be a Computer, Mobile Phone, Social Media, Television or anything related to IT. Information Technology is spreading its wings everywhere as it is easily applicable to anything. So, today I will share with you some facts and information which will show you that how Information Technology created change in our lives.

Information Technology

How Information Technology Works?

The working of IT is totally recognizable by everyone. We generally send emails, make phone calls, read an online article etc. Ideally, Information Technology is something which deals with data transmission, retrieving and data processing. We used to send data with mails, telegrams etc in earlier times. These were steady processes. Now the steadiness has been overcome. We can now send information of any size to anyone with just couples of clicks on our pc. The article you are reading is the best example to know how IT works.
First of all, I wrote this article on my pc. Then I posted it on my website and submit on the search engine. You searched for something related to IT and you found this article on the search engine. So, basically I am the sender and you are the receiver. In the same way, any information and data can be transferred and retrieved with the help of IT and this will cost very low for you.

Top 8 Reason how Information Technology is changing our lives

Now we will know that how Information Technology is playing its role in changing the world. The below-given points are from my imagination. There are some on the ball example also. You can let me know if there is anything wrong with them or you can give your ideas. I will let everyone know about your participation.

  • The speed of Transmission increased

With the help of IT, the transmission speed has been increased by thousands of percents. Before the origin of emails, if we had to send any letter to anyone, we had to do it manually in the post office. But now, you can just scan the document and mail it with the help of email. So, the speed difference between the two methods is quite high. The faster we are able to send and receive the data the more beneficial it will be for our organizations or business.

Speed of Transmission increased

  • Requires less Storage Space

In the earlier times, any official work was to be done on the paper by manual writing. So, the more information needs more papers and more papers means more space.

Requires less Storage Space

Imagine a jail running from the last 200 years and thousands of prisoners locked there from that time. Jail authority must have all the information about every prisoner. Thousands of files will require a separate hall and many officers for the safety. But with the help of IT, they will need only one computer and they can feed or access any information anytime

  • Businesses are online now

One big advantage of IT is that now you can operate your business online. You can attract and invite customer online. You can let anyone know that what your business all about is? People are searching for everything on the internet first of all. If I want to purchase shoes for me, I will look at them online. That’s why most of the businessmen are trying to promote their business online rather than sticking posters on the walls. It is more effective and cost-efficient.

Businesses are online now in information technology

  • New ways to communicate

With the origin of Information Technology, New ways of communication have arrived. Now, you can talk with anyone from anywhere with phone calls. Or if you want to talk face-to-face. You can do video calls too. SMS, Emails, Social Media and many other things are introduced by IT which are very effective to increase the quality of communication. Communication is the essential thing for any business too. And IT is giving its best to do so.

New ways to communicate

  • Data Security has been increased

Some people think that storing any data online on the cloud or on a computer is not safe. Or they may be afraid of hacking. But Information Technology is now very strict in the terms of security and protection of the data. The security systems are very fine to save our data. We should keep in mind that we should not give our security information like password, pins to anyone.

Data Security has been increased

  • Education and Information Technology

These two terms are attached with each strongly. IT is a field of study, additionally, you can access any kind of educational stuff from the internet. Many free websites like Wikipedia, Wikihow etc are providing vital information about nearly everything. We can access it in our home. Due to this, getting the education these days is no more difficult as it was in early times.

Education and Information Technology

  • Advancement in Healthcare

With the help of IT, hospitality has been changed also with a great speed. Doctors can track body movements and internal organ outputs with the help of sensors. And the reading of sensors can be visualized with the help of IT.

Advancement in Healthcare


We are now able to see live readings of any part of the body on screens. Doctors are now able to Laparoscopic Surgeries too only with the help of IT.

  • A new field of Jobs

Many people think that with the origin of IT, the jobs are decreased as the computers are able to do work with a great speed and in an efficient way with less labor. But they should now forget that a new field of employment has been introduced. Many IT and Computer engineers are required to run complex systems combined with IT.

New field of Jobs in information technology

Computer operators, data analysts, and many other job profiles are there just because of information technology.

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Final Words:

So, this was all about the IT and its effect of our society. We can see in our surroundings, everything is related to IT these days. We can’t ignore it in any way. There are some disadvantages also which I will discuss with you in another post. If you like this article please share it with your family and friends. Stay tuned for more!

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