How to Setup Icloud for Windows [Pros/Cons and Icloud Alternates]

We generally feel frustrated when our device memory gets full with our photos, videos, and other data. We can’t delete them because they are important to us. But we also want an escape from this problem. Many firms like Google, Amazon introduced a thing known as Cloud Storage by which we uploaded the original contents on the servers and delete them from our PC or Android. Apple Inc also has a cloud service known as Icloud which we are going to discuss in this article. We will know the whole process of getting all our uploaded data on Icloud on our PC with the help of Icloud for windows.

icloud for windows

What is Icloud?
Icloud is a cloud service offered by apple inc to remotely access the saved data in the cloud. It was launched in 2011 and it is written in Javascript. This service is developed to save and secure our data like photos, videos, messages etc on the cloud servers. Everyone gets 5GB of free space on icloud which can be utilized to save the stuff. It is a freeware and available for macOS, iOS 5 and above and now for window 7 or later too. This is simply like google drive, Amazon AWS and some other cloud storage. This technology is used by almost everyone these days. And our devices are capable of uploading our data automatically to the server. So, whenever we feel like I want to show my image to my friends anywhere, we can easily do that by simply opening our cloud account.
This thing seems to be simple but it is a very effective and interesting process of saving data and accessing anywhere on the go. The upcoming world is going to fully utilize this technology in all the data related purposes. So, Icloud is the same thing which saves our data in its servers and let us access anywhere we want. Fortunately, Icloud is accessible on the Windows operating system. So, below is the full process of setting up Icloud for Windows in simple steps. We will know, how we can download and upload in/from Icloud to our pc running on Windows OS.

Setup Process of Icloud for Windows

1.Download Icloud

We usually think that Apple products are only for Apple device but this thing is also made for Windows OS and it is easy to download from official website of apple. By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the official download page.


download icloud for windows

download icloud for windows

Click on the download button and a setup file for Icloud will be downloaded to your pc.(as shown in the screenshot)

2. Install Icloud into your Windows PC

After downloading the setup file. Double click on it and the installation will be started automatically. This will take some time and you have to accept some terms.install icloud

After accepting and installing, open the icloud application by double-clicking in it.

3. Sign In to your Apple ID

Now, you have to enter your apple id and its password and click on sign in. If you forgot your apple id then go to Settings>Sign in to your phone>Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it>Your id will be shown next.signing in to apple account

You can retrieve your id password from here in the same way after doing some security checks.

4. Accessing you Data from Icloud

Icloud for windows let you select what you want to retrieve from it, you can select Drive, Photos, Calendar, or anything you want to download or upload. After selecting your option Click on the apply button below.select what to save

5. Explore and Backup your Data

After clicking on the apply button, Separate folders for everything will be created automatically from where you can upload or download the data. You will get two option on the top one for download and one for upload.

explore your data

explore your data

This was the complete process of icloud for windows and I hope everyone will be aware enough that how they can use this useful feature created by Apple. Now I will tell you the features of Icloud over other cloud services.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Icloud
There are pros and cons to everything we use. Icloud is an amazing thing literally offered by Apple. It has many big competitors, so in this way, many disadvantages over others can be noticed easily by everyone. I will tell you the main good and bad things about using Icloud. Firstly we will know a good thing.

Pros of using Icloud
1. Find my iPhone/iPad
I find this thing as a most amazing feature of Icloud. If somehow, unfortunately, you lost your Apple device. Do one thing, login to your icloud in any system or device, lock the device and erase your data. And as we know, no one can be enough technical to crack apple technology. Trust me, your lost phone will be like a piece of stone forever.

2. iCloud Keychain
By using this method you can sync your login details and passwords across the devices. They will stay encrypted so there are no issues with the security.

3. Usability
This feature can be justified for all the cloud storages that you can access your data from anywhere. Things you need are a system and an internet connection. That’s it, do anything you want to save or retrieve.

Cons of using Icloud
1. Limited storage
Limited storage of Icloud is the biggest issue of Icloud. As we know, they only offer total 5GB of free storage to every user. Now, if you want to get more storage, then you have to pay for that. Google Drive gives you 15GB of cloud storage. So, this thing weakens the Icloud against other competitors.

2. Manual Backup can’t be imagined
Everything related to backing up in icloud going to be automatic. You can’t stop it, the only thing you can do is to see that your data is backing up. This is not a con of icloud there should be some authorities in the hands of the user for the backup.

Top Icloud Alternates

As we discussed earlier that there are lots of beneficial competitors available for us. These service providers have some good and bad things. You can choose from them too if you want to get some more from the cloud storage technology.

1. Google Drive for iOS

google drive
If you install this Google Drive Application in your device, you can upload your data into it. You can upload any type of data into it like videos, music, pdf files, images etc. And the big thing is this you are getting three times more capacity from icloud. Beside of using Icloud for windows, you can use this also. If you want to get more data storage, paid plans are also available for the users.

Google Drive Pricing
Basic: Enjoy up to 15G free storage space
1.99$ per month for 100 GB
9.99$ per month for 1 TB
99.99$ per month for 10 TB
199.99$ per month for 20 TB
299.99$ per month for 30 TB

2. DropBox


This is an online box where you can create folders for everything in your cloud storage account. It feels like original file explorers of our systems. You can save any document including HTML, docx or any format files. The free storage in this is 2GB only but you can increase it by referring it to friends.

DropBox Pricing
9.99$ per month or 99.00$ every year for 100 G
19.99$ per month or 199.00$ every year for 200 G
49.99$ per month or 499.00$ every year for 500 G

3. Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon drive

amazon drive

Amazon Drive gives you 3 month free trial of its services. After that, you can go for paid plans in which you will get more time to save your data into it.

Amazon Cloud Pricing
11.99$ per year for photos and 5 GB for non-photo files
59.99$ per year for unlimited everything

One Drive


One Drive is another option for the users to store their data in the cloud storage. You have to install it on your device and you can upload anything on it and access from anywhere just like google drive. You will get 15GB of free data storage space in it and if you want more then paid plans are also there.

One Driving Pricing
1.99$ per month for 100 GB
3.99$per month for 200 GB
6.99$ per month for 1 TB

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Final Words

So, This post was supposed to describe the process of setting up icloud for windows. But I think giving more information sometime gives more pleasure to me. So I decided to cover many things related to Icloud. This is a good platform but some things are also there which google should work about. If you have any question or query related to this post, please feel free to ask anything. I always feel happy after getting your valuable feedback. Share this post with anyone who wants this.

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