Best GBA Emulator for Android and ios (100% Working)

Today we are going to talk about GBA emulator. If you are a fan of handheld gaming console then you must be known with GBA (Game Boy Advance) gaming console. After this, we will know about the complete process of emulation of Game Boy Advance.

What is GBA?
Game Boy Advance is a sixth generation gaming console manufactured by Nintendo. Its first release was done in 2001. This gaming console was very popular among children at that time. 81.51 million units were sold worldwide after its release. It was discontinued on May 15, 2010. It is a successor to Nintendo DS. This gaming console was very popular for its Pokemon Game.

GBA Emulator

Since this game is discontinued, therefore you might be looking for its alternate. Good thing is that you can now emulate GBA games in your android device. You can now play most of the games into this emulator. Emulation industry has grown up to a limit that now we can play any console game into our smartphones and pc. We will use a free and very popular emulator for this purpose.

My Boy GBA Emulator

We are going to use My Boy emulator. It is fully free and easy to use an emulator. It will run on most of the devices. And fortunately, this emulator is also available on the play store. Above all, And it is totally free to download. I will explain you the whole process of downloading and running this emulator on your device.

Some information about My Boy GBA Emulator
Developer: Fast Emulator
Size: 2.02MB
Version: 1.8.0
Requirements: Will work on most the android devices

How to download My Boy GBA Emulator

  • To download this emulator, you have to go to the play store and search for My Boy. Download the app shown in the screenshot.
  • After the installation. Open it and it will start working .

Where to get game ROMs for GBA emulator?

If you already have ROMs of your favorite game then its fine. But you don’t have the one or you want to download new ROMs. You can just go to Romsmania or Emuparadise. You will find most of the game roms there. Download ROMs and boot them into the emulator to play the game with GBA emulator.

How to run Games into GBA emulator?

  • When you downloaded the game ROM, then you have to locate the folder in which the game is situated. You just have to click on the game ROM and it will start working automatically.
  • All the interface buttons will appear after the game start running. (You can see in the image below)
  • You can stop, pause, exit game any time by clicking on the menu button given at the center.

GBA Emulator for ios

If you have an iPhone then the above process is not for you. In addition, I can help you in finding the best GBA emulator for ios. ios users can also enjoy GBA games in their devices for free. They will also need an emulator for this. And I have found a very good and fully working emulator for ios devices. In other words, This emulator is very advances and best in its category.

This emulator is going to run all of the GBA games into your ios device. This emulator is specially designed to give high-performance gaming experience to its users. The latest version i.e. 2.1 has come with multiplayer support. Above all, Its size is only 11.6 MB. Its developer is Riley Testut and it is designed by Paul Thorsen.

Some features of GBA4IOS 2.1
Wireless Linking support
New GBA and GBC skins
GB & GBC Support
In-App Browser
Supports Dropbox
Vibrations in controllers
Changeable Controller Skins

How to download GBA4IOS GBA emulator

To download this emulator, you have to go to a website where its download is available. You can click on this link and download you ios GBA emulator. Click on the emulator and then click install. The download will start automatically. Similiarly, Get some game ROMs and start playing vintage GBA games in your ios device. This emulator has now support with iPhone X.

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Final Words

That was all about the GBA emulators for android and ios. This setup is published after complete testing done by me. In conclusion, If any of them is not working on your device or you have any problem in the setup process. Then feel free to ask any question in the comment section. I will feel very happy to help you again. Please stay tuned for more articles related to emulators. Be Happy!

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