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Whatsapp is a world popular messaging and social application. Whatsapp is used to send instant messages, videos, audio contents etc to the saved contacts and friends. Today we are going to talk about GB Whatsapp which is a mod version of whatsapp. GB Whatsapp generally allow its users to the functions which are not possible in original whatsapp. There is also an application called whatsapp plus, it is also a mod version of whatsapp. So there are some applications in the market which are extremely benificial in customisation and modification of original whatsapp. You can customize the visual contents like home screen, chat screens, logo etc with the help of gb whatsapp. So lets know that what this application basically is?

What is GB Whatsapp?
GB Whatsapp is basically a modified version of original whatsapp. It allow us to do such things which are not allowed in original whatsapp. The internal structure of this application is as same as the original whatsapp but the developer made some changes into its menu. The author of this application is Omar and it is only available for android devices till now. This application is not available on the playstore but can be easily downloaded from the internet. So today we are going to see that how you can install this application in your android devices. This application is used worldwide for its good and secure interface. This application will take the place of original whatsapp in your device because it can jailbreak all the limitations given by the old whatsapp.
So, today we are going to know all the installation process and features of this application. It has many features like theme customisation, privacy options etc. GB whatsapp is fully free to use and it has no additional charges to use, so using this mod whatsapp version can be smart choice for the users. The main feature of this application is that we can use multiple number as whatsapp contact in single device. This application is fully secure to use, there is no privacy leak issue with this application. So lets start with the general application information and system requirements for GB Whatsapp, then we will know the setup process of this application.

Application NameGB Whatsapp
Application Version6.25
Application Size34.9 MB
Required Android VersionAndroid 4.0 or above
PermissionsRequires permission for unknown sources


Steps to Install GB Whatsapp in Android:

The installation of this application is very simple, the only difference is that we have to download it from external website not from google playstore. There are lots of websites which offers this application to download. So the steps of installation are given below:

1. First of all, click on the download button below. The download will start automatically.

2. After the download, click on the downloaded file to install it in the device.

download gb whatsapp

download gb whatsapp


3. Click on the install button, if it ask for any permission, allow this application in the setting in unknown sources.

install gb whatsapp

install gb whatsapp

4. Now click on the created shortcut of GB whatsapp, and after it opens click on “agree and continue”. Now you have to fill in your mobile number.

gb whatsapp configure

gb whatsapp configure

5. You will get an otp, fill that otp and you will be asked to restore the data. Click on the restor button and the restoration will be started.

gb whatsapp restore data

gb whatsapp restore data

6. Now, the application will run and the changelog will be shown to you.

gb whatsapp changelog

gb whatsapp changelog

So, it was th all process of installation. I hope you will be able to understand the whole process now. I tried to show you this all in a simple way. Now lets have a look at the amazing features of GB whatsapp. There are lots of features that are new in this application, you can check them by installing it in your device.

Features of GB whatsapp:

1. Auto Reply Message: This feature allow the users to send predefined message to the contact whenever they message you. You can type any sms and it will automatically sent to the sender instantly when he/she send you any message. This option can be enabled by goind to Menu>GB settings>Auto Reply Message.

2. Theme Customisation: This option is available in most of the mod versions of whatsapp that we can change the ordinary whatsapp theme according to our need. This application has its own big library of themes with different colours and styles. You can enable it by going to the patch Menu>GB setting>Themes.

3. Hide Last Seen: Last seen is main feature of whatsapp, it allows users to see the whatsapp contacts that when they were online last time. With the help of GB whatsapp, you can manage your last seen timing according to your choice. This feature can be considered as a best feature of GB whatsapp.

4. Lock: This feature allow the us to lock the application with the password and you dont need any external application to lock. This appication has the option of lock, you have to set a password for it and whenever you or anyone try to open the application, it will ask for the password. This feature can be enabled by going to the path Menu>GB settings>Lock

5. Always Online: Anyone can see your online status in your profile in original whatsapp if you enable it in the privacy. With the help of this application you can show you status as online even your screen is turned off. Your whatsapp contacts will see you as online till you dont turn off this option.

6. Change App fonts: Feeling bored with the simple whatsapp fonts, no problem, GB whatsapp also allow you to change the fonts of whatsapp according to your choice. There is a big library of fonts in this application. Select the fonts and it will be applied after application restart.

7. DND Mode: Whatsapp contacts can send you message anytime you are online. But there is an option in GB whatsapp by which no one will be able to send you messages till you turn off the DND mode. DND mode will show you as offline on your friends or whatsapp contact screens. So simply turn this mode on and stay away from the whatsapp message for the time you want.

8. Media Sharing upto 50MB: You can share media like videos, audios, images to your friends and relative upto 50 MB with the help of this application which is not allowed in simple whatsapp messenger

9. Send Pictures with the original height and width: Generally simple whatsapp compressed the sent videos and media files by its own. But with the help of this application you can send original images withour losing its original resolution and pixel density. This option is useful for sharing the images and videos with our friends and family.

10. Change Tick Style: Ticks shows us the status of sent messages to the whatsapp user. Whatsapp has only one tick style but with the help of this mod version of whatsapp you can use your favourite tick style from its library. And whenever you will send any sms to anyone, the same tick will be shown to you.

These were some of the amazing GB whatsapp features and there are lots of others which are left. You can explore them by yourself by installing this application in your device. This application is simply made for the peoples which wants to do some extraordinary things with whatsapp messenger. Using this application at the place of the original one is fully safe according to the developers and user. GB whatsapp is created in such a way that it look like original one but can do more than that.

Why GB Whatsapp?
As we discussed earlier, there are many whatsapp mod applications available on the internet, but most of the users prefer this application to be used. The reason is that, it is older than others and it has more trustful user than others. This application is amazingly created for the purpose to go away from the limitations of ordinary version of whatsapp. This application is fully open source and work like original one. GB whatsapp is the strongest compitetor to other whatsapp mods. Many other application promises that they provides the best mods to whatsapp but some of them are not authorized and some are strucked in privacy frauds.

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Final Words:
So this was all the process of installation of GB whatsapp in android devices. Today is the world of advancement and enhancement. Everyone need some more in everything. In the field of technology something extra we get anytime gives us more pleasure. This application is not available for ios or any other operating systems till now. I hope you will like the process as I showed to you. I tried to explain as much as possible. I think there will be no problem in the installation of this application. You can do it by yourself but if there is any problem in the installation of this application please feel free to ask any question of query. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedbacks. Please share this post with your friends and dear ones so that they can enjoy also the unique features of this applications.

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