What is Content Management System? Get Right CMS for your website!

Hello Everyone! In this article, we are going to know about Content Management System. I have heard lots of people searching for and talking about cms and programming alternatives. So, I decided to explain to you everything about CMS (Content Management System). This system is an alternative to all types of programming barriers for everyone. In a nutshell, CMS help the peoples who know nothing or very less about coding or computer languages but want to design their websites or blog on their own. There are lots of application and advantages of this system and there are some disadvantages too. We will cover everything about this system in this article followed by a video. So, Let’s start with the brief introduction of Content Management System.

Content Management System

Content Management System

Concept of CMS
As its name itself suggests, It is a System which manages the contents of any website or webpage. The content can be text, image, a code or any type of an important bunch of information used in the design of your website. If we design a website without CMS, we should have a full knowledge about the computer language in which we are coding and we also should have a complete idea about the logic and commands which we are going to use in our website.

I will learn Programming
Now, you will be thinking that what’s the problem with it, there will be someone who can teach me coding language or I will join an institute and get a course. Or you might be thinking about getting any online course. But it is a bit difficult than just saying. You have to put lots of efforts and time to learn the coding language and it is also possible that you might quit in the way. I don’t want to demotivate anyone who is reading this but learning any coding language from point zero is literally a steady process.

In contrast, Only for the easiness of site building, cms is introduced and it is now the most popular system on the internet. According to Wikipedia, A total of 59 percent website on the internet are running with known cms. This is the most common and easy way to build any website. That is why it is more wise decision to design a website with the help of cms rather than doing programming. We will know about the most popular Content Management Sytems of these days.

Purpose of a CMS
A CMS is built only for the purpose of the easiness of website building. If you have a limited knowledge of IT or you know a very little about web designing and development, you can design your own website with a CMS with little efforts. Nowadays, lots of big business websites are being built with the help of CMS. Because of the easiness of designing and modification of a website, everyone wants to create their website with the help of a CMS. The only thing which makes CMS more famous is their open services and free tools and features. Some things are not possible to design with a program but possible to be done with a CMS in a couple of seconds.

Which is the Best Content Management System?




This is the most common and popular CMS which is used mostly for blogging purposes. WordPress was released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. With the help of its versatile interface, you can design any type of website with the help of WordPress. This is the most used platform for website designing these days on the internet. The main thing about this platform is that it is the totally open source and free to use. There are some features that require prices, but most of the features can be utilized without any payment.

Features of WordPress:

  1. Theme Customization
    Thinking about changing the look of your website, WordPress gives you access to edit or change the theme of your website anytime. There is a big library of themes in the WordPress from where you can easily change the themes of your website.
  2. Plugins
    In CMS, the code customization is limited, that is why users require plugins to do some extra stuff. There are lots of plugins available on it which allow us to add some more features to our website or in our backend. These plugins can also be used for SEO, Posts, Visualization or any other purpose.
  3. User-Friendly
    If you think that the WordPress is tricky to use then you are wrong. WordPress is the easiest and simple to use. A new user can start using WordPress efficiently in a couple of days. All the features of WordPress can be easily utilized by anyone with limited knowledge of website designing.




This is another Content Management System which is used worldwide for web designing. According to Joomla there are about 2 Million active users of Joomla. It is also an open source program available for everyone. You can easily build or customize your blog or website with the help of it. Everyone will recommend you WordPress as the best cms but you can also go for Joomla if you want.

Features of Joomla:

  1. Versatile
    This Content Management System is most versatile than other. You can design any simple or complex website with Joomla. You can create blogging as well as a business website with the help of Joomla. There are many types of themes available in its gallery.
  2. Happy Publishing
    Publishing is a fun using Joomla. There are lots of publishing tools and features available in it which make it most effective in the line of publishing. You can add images, links, videos to your articles easily with little efforts. Its interface for publishing is more effective than WordPress.
  3. Free and Open Source
    Joomla is fully free to use under GPL. This is a multilingual platform most commonly used for blogging websites. You don’t have to pay anything to create your own site.




This is a most common known Content Management System after WordPress and Joomla. This is a more flexible and easy to use CMS having lots of advantages over other CMS. Drupal was released before Joomla in 2000. Its author is Dries Buytaert and it is written in PHP. You will need no programming knowledge to create your website with the help of Drupal. Its latest version which is running now is Drupal 8.5.3.

Features of Drupal:

  1. Themes
    Same like WordPress and Joomla, this Content Management system also has a big library of beautiful themes. You can apply them to your website or change them anytime. You can also change the color of the theme using its color module in Drupal core 5.0.
  2. Multilingual
    Drupal is available in 100 languages. You can use any of the given languages. This localization happened in 2017 in Drupal. This thing is only done because the author wants to introduce their system all over the world.

These were the three most common and useful CMS used these days by everyone. You can go to their official websites to know more about them. You can also create a demo website to know how they work. There are lots of other Content Management Systems available like magneto, concrete5 etc. They are having their own pros and cons. You can check them and choose your platform according to your need. Now I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using CMS for your website.

The Advantage of Content Management System

There are lots of advantages of using a CMS. I have tried most of the CMS and I will tell you my observations that how a CMS is good to use for your website.

  1. Building is Fast
    Using a CMS to design your website instead of coding will take less time. Designing a website using a program from scrap is a big process. It can take a number of days depending on the website structure. If you use a CMS, you can design a big business website in a couple of hours. And that’s all, you just have to get an idea about the design of the website. As a result, You just have to convert your imagination into the website design.
  2. Maintenance becomes easy
    Thinking about doing some changes to your website. If you designed it with a code or program, you will need to go to a programmer to do it. But if you used a CMS then you can do it by yourself in some clicks. And it will published instantly. You can modify pages, widgets, tags, menus with some easy steps in any CMS. Or you can take help from their customer support and forums. In other words, you can do all the maintenance stuff by yourself.
  3. Plugins and Extensions
    You might have listened about plugins and extension. If not then I will tell you. Plugins are small software inside a CMS made to do their specific works like SEO, Management, Visualizations etc. For example, if you want to add a facebook like a button to a page of your website, you can use facebook a plugin for it. And it will require only an installation and it is ready to use.
  4. SEO Friendly
    CMS tends to be SEO friendly because it helps in website optimization so that a search engine to easily find your website. Also, you can get some plugins. You can use these plugins for the purpose of seo. They will help you in On-page SEO works. Yoast Plugin for WordPress is the best example of SEO friendliness of CMS.
  5. Multiple Users
    In some businesses, users want to allow more than one users into the website. They want it to allow all the users to do inputs to the website. In the Content Management System, it is fully possible to manage and add multiple users to a website. You can also modify resources that they can use or not.

The Disadvantage of CMS

  1. Security Issues
    Because CMS is open source, so everyone can get access to the program files of a CMS which are the same for everyone. As a result,, the probability of getting a site hacked increases when you use CMS instead of a code. A custom coded HTML site will be more secure than a site designed with a CMS.
  2. Slow Speed
    The website designed with a CMS is data driven so the data is received through the server. And this process takes a long time to happen. So, A site designed with custom coding will be faster than a site created with a CMS always. This is a big disadvantage which limits the walls of a CMS.
  3. Limited Design Adaptability
    There are some predefined templates and you can only use them to design any website in all the CMS. And the limitation is that you can not modify or change these templates. But, in custom coding, you can change little things from any page or portion of your website. Less Design Flexibility leads to low flexibility of the design of your website.
How to Choose the right CMS for your website?

We just discussed about the three most popular CMS and these are perfect in their fields. I will tell you now that which platform you should select. There are some unique features in all of them, so, you can choose your preferred cms according to your need.

WordPress is best if you are a beginner:
If you are new to this industry then your must go for wordpress. Its simple interface and multiple publishing tools makes it more easier to use as compared to others. There are lots of plugins available in its library. You can search for them and install them easily as per your need. In a nutshell, WordPress is good for all types of websites including blogs and business websites. The largest used content management system platform is wordpress these days. Using this one for your website will definetely gives you lots of benefits.

Joomla is best if you want ecommerce websites:
If you are an advanced user or you want to build ecommerce or networking website then you can go for Joomla. It is more suitable platform to create advanced websites than WordPress. Peoples are using Joomla mostly after wordpress. It is the best choice to use for your website after wordpress. Joomla will also not make you unhappy with its classy UI.

Drupal is good if you are an advanced user:
Wordpress and Joomla allow us to build good website with their templates. But if you want a platform which can give you ways for more customization then drupal is the one for you. With the help of drupal, you can make your website more flexible according to your need. You should have more technical knowledge to run this CMS. Many big website are running on Drupal these days.

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Final Words:
Choosing a best platform to create your website is the base of your website creation. These are some of the best CMS which you can use to build your website. But I want to tell you that if you have time and enough money with you then designing your website with custom coding is best. A website designed with custom coding will be more secure and flexible. In my views, Content Management System is best for blogs and small website. If you are looking to create a business or ecommerce website then custom coded website will be better.
If you have any question, queries or views regarding this article then please comment below your thoughts. I will be more then happy to get your valuable feedbacks. Please share this post with your near ones and stay tuned for more.

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