Avast Secure Browser [A successor to Avast Safezone Browser]

Every PC user will be aware of the name Avast. After hearing this name, first thing comes in our mind is security, privacy or it can be antivirus too. Avast is a trusted and tested pc security provider. And they provide their services for android and mac devices also these days. Avast has more than a million users and it is the biggest master in the industry of antimalware application vendors. Avast was formally known by the name of Alwil Software and its owner are Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera. All the products from avast can be seen and purchased from the official website of avast. Avast is a common name known for everyone but many of them will not be aware of the browser which they provide. Avast introduces a browser and named it Avast Safezone Browser. They promise that this browser is more secure than any browser earlier. But for some security reasons, Avast has stopped all the sale and support for Avast Safezone Browser and they told to the customer that they will come back with a new browser with more security features. So today we will know about the Avast Safezone Browser and its successor Avast Secure Browser.

What is Avast Safezone Browser?
Avast Safezone is a web browser launched by avast. It is also known as avastium and by this browser, Avast provides more security and privacy during the internet surfing. It is a full freeware to use on Windows platform only. This software is written in C++ language. This software has many unique security features which are not available in any other web browser. But in 2015, a researcher found a big security issue in this browser which was not good for its user. And from September 2017, Avast temporarily paused the distribution of this browser. They left a notice on the download page that they will come back with a new and more secure browser and it will be available soon.

avast secure browser logo

Avast Secure Browser

Yes, It is a successor to Avast Safezone Browser. This one has came with more packed with some unique security features. Its layout is simple as other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox but this one have some uniqueness which is loaded by avast itself. If you want to get this software, you can easily go to official website of Avast and download the avast setup file from there (the official download page link is given below). But it will work on windows platform only. You can not run it into a mac, Linux or any other operating system till now. This software will require a total of 400 MB of hard disc space. If you have these configurations in your system, then you can easily go for this browser. If you want any type of support regarding this browser then it is also available on avast’s official website. This was all about Avast Secure Browser. Now we will know about its features.

The feature of Avast Secure Browser
This browser has some traditional features like incognito mode, fast browsing mode, privacy mode, But there are some other which are worth to know before using this browser. So, we will know these features and we can use them in our daily internet usages.

features of avast secure browser

  1. Bank Mode
    These days, we do all the financial activities mostly on the internet. If it is a bill payment, fund transfers, getting bank statements, we use the internet to do all these things. So, It should be mandatory to keep our banking details secure and private. Only for this purpose, this browser has an inbuilt feature of Bank Mode. And, by turning it on, you can safely fill your banking details, so that they can not be stolen by hackers. This feature is specially made for doing banking kinds of stuff on your pc. By using this mode, none of your passwords, usernames can be seen to any unethical activist.
  2. Ad-Block Feature
    There are lots of uninteresting things on the internet which everyone hates to see. One of them is advertisements. Advertisements or we can say Ad are unwanted images or links available between the vital information on any page or website. This browser comes with inbuilt Adblock feature which actually blocks the ads. You can turn it on and off anytime by clicking on the avast menu on the top right corner of the main window. This feature makes it more unique because many other adblockers promises to block the ads but it works perfectly against unwanted advertisements.
  3. Anti-Phishing Mode
    Phishing is known as unauthorized try to access personal information of anyone like passwords, accounts or any private data. They use spyware and many other types of malware to access the information from systems. But Avast Secure Browser have a solution for this also. You can turn on Anti-Phishing mode any time and your browser will stop giving access to unwanted wares and get infected by them. This is one of the best feature being provided by this browser.
  4. Anti-Tracking Mode
    Personal Privacy is a big thing on the internet these days. Many advertising companies and other firms track what you are doing on the internet. And that is why they provide you similar ad post according to your behavior. So, if you want to stop everyone who is trying to track your activities. You can simply turn on this feature and start browsing without leaving any traces. This mode is good for regular internet users, who surf more internet pages daily.
  5. Video Download Feature
    We all love to watch online videos and if we like a video more then we think about downloading that video. For that purpose, we search on internet but if you have Avast Secure Browser then you will get an inbuilt video download function.video downloader in avast secure browser You will see a video option on the right side whenever any video is playing on the browser. You can download the video in the original format easily.
  6. Privacy Cleaner
    This feature is just like ordinary history cleaner, but by using this feature you can clean all the history, passwords and other data easily with one click. This feature increases the privacy of the user and no data will left on your browser.
  7. Stealth Mode
    This mode is also known as an incognito mode or private mode. By opening a window in stealth mode, all the data including passwords, cookies, bookmarks, downloads etc will be cleared automatically when we close that window. By turning it on anti-tracking and anti-phishing mode will be automatically activated.

How to get Avast Safezone Browser
1. You can easily download its setup file by going to its official download page.


Download Page

2. Double click on the downloaded setup file to install the browser, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions, accept them after reading and the installation will be started automatically.

install avast secure browser

3. After complete installation, the browser will be launched automatically.

Avast secure browser launched

This was the complete installation process of the avast safezone browser. You can easily run this browser in your windows pc and this is completely free to use. Every internet user should try this browser once and it is very secure and private literally. If you have a previous avast safezone browser, you can switch to this one. Now we will know that how can we uninstall avast safezone browser from our pc.

How to uninstall or remove Avast Safezone Browser

If your system has avast’s safezone browser then, you can go for it successor now, because Avast has stopped all the support and service for the safezone browser. It uninstallation is pretty easy, you can simply go to your Control Panel to do it.

  1. Open your system’s control panel and click on “Uninstall a Program” option.
  2. Now you will see a list of installed programs and software in your system. Right Click on Avast Free Antivirus there.
  3. Click on change option and a window from avast will be opened.
  4. Uncheck Avast safezone there and click on Change button.
  5. You can Restart you pc to effect the changes.

Is avast secure browser really worth using?
I personally used both Avast Safezone and Avast Secure Browser on my pc. The newer one has same features as the earlier one. But avast have made some more increments in the security and privacy. I liked its bank mode. We cannot justify its effectiveness but as avast told, it must be safe as they are promising to provide. The next big thing is it is completely free to use. If you try any other browser from any antivirus company, they are going to charge you for this. It has some unique features which are not seen earlier in any browser. Your history and private data are not going to exposed to anyone by this browser. So, according to me, this browser is completely worth using for every internet user.

What is the difference between the both?
Both the browsers are same in term of security features. But safezone is not available now, the secure browser is its successor, so there is no comparison between the both. These are designed and developed for the purpose of internet security. And there are tons of satisfied users of both of them. Avast made a big turn back with the avast secure browser for their users.

Final Words
This was all about Avast’s Safezone and secure browser and you can try them for free. There are lots of other good browsers available but this one is also must try browser. I have tried to explain as much as possible. If you are having any type of problem or question regarding this post then feel free to put any question or query. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedback. Please share this post with your friends and family.

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