3ds Emulator for PC and Android [Full Setup Guide]

A gaming console which is tough enough to compete with PlayStation Vita, known for its stereoscopic 3d effects. Yes, I am talking about Nintendo 3ds console. Today we are going to discuss the full process of 3ds emulation in our pc and Android devices with the help of 3ds emulator.

What is Nintendo 3ds?
This gaming console is very popular in the category of handheld consoles. It is an eighth generation gaming console and It is developed by Nintendo Red and manufactured by Nintendo, Foxconn. Its first release happened in 2011. 3ds is a battery powered handheld gaming console. The best selling games in it is Mario Kart 7. It is a successor to Nintendo DS family and there are lots of other consoles are developed by Nintendo after this gaming console. At the time of its release, Nintendo organized two conferences together in Amsterdam and New York City, where they described all the features of 3ds.

featured image 3ds emulatorIt is a handheld controller, but its controls are awesome with inbuilt Circle Pad, D-Pad and Face Buttons too. Inbuilt camera, microphone and 3d depth slider are also available on 3ds. There are lots of other models available in DS family like 2ds, 2ds xl. This gaming console offers you the feature of inbuilt internet browser. There are lots of other features available in Nintendo 3ds which we will know further.

Which is the Best 3ds Emulator for Android and Windows?
The answer to this question seems to be difficult because there are lots of 3ds emulators available these days. Using the best one can be a tricky selection process. I have tested many emulators on my PC and Android Smartphone. And most of them I will discuss with you are good in the manners of gameplay and performance.

There is a choice for us to choose emulator in Windows but currently, the very little emulator has been developed for Android. But I will prefer to use Citra Emulator in Windows and NDS4DROID for Android. These emulators are lightweight, easy to use and it requires less configuration in your pc. So, We will know about Windows and then Android. First of all, we will know about Citra Emulator.

Citra Emulator

This is the first Nintendo 3ds emulator developed by Citra Team. Citra emulator was created in 2014. It is written in C++ language and it is capable of running most of the homebrew and commercial games. You can read detailed information on wikipedia too.
According to the official website of Citra Emulator, it is a work-in-progress emulator till now. It can run on any Windows version above Windows 7. The first commercial game played on Citra Emulator was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d. It is also capable to run Pokemon game in it.

The features of Citra Emulator

1. Easily Available and Open Source:
This emulator is one of the easily available and open source for all the users. You can easily download it without doing any kind of payments.

2. Gameplay Customization:
Imagine your game is running a bit fast or slow, it is the worst feeling while playing games in an emulator. This 3ds emulator has the solution for this too. You can adjust framerate of the game by going to Emulation>Configure>Graphics>Limit Framerate.

3. Limited System Configurations Required:
You can run this emulator in almost every system above than windows7. The only thing you required is graphics card which supports OpenGL 3.3 and a 64-bit OS.

3ds Emulator Setup Process for Windows:
1. First of all, download Citra Emulator setup in your PC from the website of Citra or you can download it by clicking on the button below. You will get an option for downloading it for other os, you can select your system os there. (as shown in screenshot)



download 3ds emulator for windows (citra emulator)

2. You will get a Setup file named “Citra Setup Windows“, Double click on that setup file

Install citra emulator

Install citra emulator

3. You will be asked to accept terms and conditions and after that, the program will be installed on your pc.

Install 3ds emulator

Install 3ds emulator

4. Now your Citra Emulator is ready to use.


3ds emulator launched

3ds emulator launched

How to Run Games in Citra Emulator
The above process was easy to do on our pc. Anyone can install a program in his pc easily but the big thing is that how you have to run games in your Citra emulator. You can see Citra game compatibility list here and you will be able to know that whether your favorite game run on emulator or not. Citra is also able to run online games. There are lots of websites which offers decrypted roms to run in Citra Emulator. You can search for them on the internet. I will suggest you one website Roms3ds. Here you can search for your favorite game and download for emulator in your pc. I will show the whole process by running Rayman 3d game in Citra Emulator. So, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to this link  and search for your game.

rom download

rom download

2. Click on the option Download


3. Your file will start downloading after some captcha.
4. You will get a compressed file after the download, you can extract it with the winrar tool. (as shown in the screenshot)

extract game

5. Now, you will have a new folder with the executable file.

Game extracted

Game extracted

6. Go back to your emulator and click on the File>Install CIA>Select the extracted game rom which is in .cia format.

load game

load game

7. The game will start running automatically after this step.

rayman 3d in 3ds emulator

rayman 3d in 3ds emulator

3ds Emulator Setup Process for Android

3ds is a handheld gaming console, so its emulation in an Android device is similar to playing the game in original console. The setup process in Windows is a little bit difficult but when you try it in Android, the emulation process is very easy and less time taking. There are lots of emulators offered for Android. But we will use NDS4DROID for the process. So, this is going to be easier.

NDS4DROID Emulator for Android:
This emulator is highly used and rated by all the users and the big thing is, it is a fully open source, free emulator available in the play store too. Anyone can use it in almost all the devices. It is a little bit slow but can play mostly all the 3ds games in it. This emulator was released officially on the play store on 22nd August 2012. You can simply download it to start playing on the go. The whole setup process for this one is given below.

3ds Emulator Setup Process for Windows:

1. First of all, go to the play store and search nds4droid in the search bar.

2. Install the application in your device.

3ds emulator in playstore

3ds emulator in playstore

3. Now, Open this application after the install, It will directly take you to your external storage viewer.

3ds emulator for android

4. Select the ROM which you have downloaded, and the game will start playing automatically.

So, these were the complete setup process for 3ds emulator for PC and Windows. Now, we will know about the alternate emulator software you can use in the place of Citra and NDSDroid.

Citra Emulator alternatives:

There are lots of highly rated and used emulator available for everyone which are mostly preferred if you are looking for alternatives for citra for any reason. The emulators which I will discuss with you below are well known to every game lover. We will also know their pros and cons.

1. 3DMOO:
This one is also an open source emulator not able to run games. It is in development mode. Its full description and information can be seen on GitHub here.

2. NeonDS:

It is basically a Windows game and emulator secondly. It was available from 2011 to download. It is only available in the English language.

3. DeSmuME:

It is capable of running some commercial games in it. It can’t run all the games in it till now. It regular updates are keep coming in which its developers are trying to increase its capabilities. You can check all the informations on the official website of DeSmuMe.

Other 3ds Emulators for Android:
All the below emulators are also preferred as the best android emulator to run 3ds games. But literally, there is no good emulator release till now, which is totally capable of running all the games in a good way. We will now have a look at some other Android 3ds emulators.

1. Drastic DS Emulator:

This is one of the stable and impressive emulator released for 3ds. It is a paid emulator, that is why some people will refrain to use this emulator in the place of others. If you have enough budget to purchase this emulator then you can go for it. According to me, if you can purchase it, it is the best option for android 3ds emulation.

2. Retro Arch:
This is most famous emulator available for snes, 3ds, and many other gaming consoles. This is a bit complicated and hard to understand. Some of the 3ds games can run on this emulator. That is why it is less used as 3ds. For snes emulator, it is best to use.

3. Ultimate x3DSx Gold:
This one is having the advantage of external controller connections. It is also a free and open source emulator capable to run in most of the android devices. Having one disadvantage of slow processing and game lag.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Here are some most asked question related to Citra, 3ds emulator and other emulators. I have tried to answer some of them below.

Question: Why Citra keeps Crashing all the time I am loading a game?
Answer: Citra is fully capable of running in all the systems with zero errors. If you are experiencing this type of problem then there must be an issue with your graphics driver. Try to update your graphics driver to latest version.

Question: Does Citra Supports Multiplayer gaming?
Answer: Of course, there is a separate menu given on the Citra dashboard. You can join created rooms online. Or you can create your room and start playing with your friends.

Question: Is there any emulator which give you full experience like real 3ds?
Answer: If I speak literally, No, There is no emulator release till which can give you the original taste of 3ds. They can run most of the games, but they are emulators, at the end of the day.

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Final Words:
I tried as hard as possible to explain the whole process. You can use this method in all any system or device you are having. It will work definitely. But If you are having any type of problem in the whole process. Please feel free to ask any question or to ask any question regarding this post. I will feel very happy to get your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more posts like this.

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